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  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D Land: A Perfect Formula of Old and New

    Like any young Nintendo system, it can’t be on the market long before it’s been greeted by yet another classic Mario title. The latest entry of “Super Mario 3D Land” continues this tradition with no less polish and prestige than less than its predecessors and displays some of... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D Land - whatever isn't brilliant is unnecessary

    When the Nintendo DS was released, Nintendo completely revamped Super Mario 64 and released it as a launch title for the system. While the original is a classic that redefined the concept of a platformer, the DS version managed to be deeper and more beautiful - but the lack of an analog stick somewhat... More
  • Blog Post: Is it any good.

    So, to start off. I'm doing this review in sections. Enjoy! Story The story is the same as always, which is fine by me. I love the story even for it's flaws. Game-play The game-play is smooth and extremely fun. It definitely uses the circle pad to it's fullest, and has many moves from Mario's... More
  • Blog Post: Mario platforming at it's finest

    Mario's back in a brand new 3D adventure, but can it live up to it's history of greatness? Read on to find out! Super Mario 3D Land, the newest release in the Mario series, stands as one of the best of Mario's handheld entries and maybe even one of the best Mario games ever. As usual, the... More
  • Blog Post: "Here We Go Into A Awosome Game!"

    I Like Sonic, But Mario Holds A Special Feeling In My Heart. Well, The Time Has Come. Mario In 3D! Here's The Review... Sound: Remixes And The Main Theme Are Stuck Into My Head! Visual: HD Quality. Replay:High My Faviorite Part About The Game Is If You Can't Complete A Level After So Many Lives... More
  • Blog Post: One of the First New 3DS Classics

    Overview : Alright well the game has been out for a couple of weeks maybe into a month now (when this was written). I have almost beaten the entire game I'm through a good amount of world 8 and I've almost stared every level! And now that we have my transcript out of the way! Gameplay : If you... More
  • Blog Post: A Game For Mario Fans And 3DS Owners To Rejoice

    As with most of the 3DS games that have launched since the release of the system in March, none of them have really felt like a complete game. Yes, there was Star Fox 64 and Ocarina of Time coming straight from Nintendo, but the big thing is the fact that this is Nintendo's first major title for... More
  • Blog Post: It's-A-me! Finally!!

    Many 3DS owners have been patiently waiting for the better titles to start arriving, and although Zelda OoT 3D and Star Fox 64 3D have worked to at least quiet their cravings, the fact is that many aren't content with two remakes, and being a 3DS owner myself, I don't blame them. We were promised... More
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