This is a great game for the 3DS. The 3D really makes a difference because in 2D, a block could look like you could walk on it, and your find out in 3D that it is actually more forward than you though, and you just fell down a pit.

My favorite part about this game is the return of the Tanooki suit, and the upgraded version of it after you beat the main game that lets you become a statue when you ground pound.

What I didn’t like about it was the overused, more annoying than anything I have ever played in a Mario game, secret levels. Okay we get it, Shadow Mario (or Luigi) is a pain as it is, but do you really have to have us get 3 star coins, have thirty seconds on the clock and have to kill enemies to get more time, all while running from this freak when there are no power ups in any block in the entire level, and the level moves really fast making you rush to keep up with it? Really, come on.

If you don’t mind being driven insane by the secret levels, then it is a great game to play.