Super Mario 3D is one of the best platformers I have ever played.  But does it live up to it's past game's fun?  For the first , say, 8 world, 3D land is AMAZING.  The graphics are sweet, and the difficulty was definitely a fun challenge.  But once I got to the( spoiler alert) special worlds, i felt bored by the lack of new level design.  Yes, the gameplay is still a blast, but it became too repetitive at around special world 8.  Yes, it's the last world, but in order to unlock  anew level, you must have enough star coins.  As if it wasn;t repetitive already, now you had to play levels you played about a week ago? No thank you, nintendo! I fyou want to feel the same Mario you played a couple years back in Mario Galaxy, then this is the right choice forr you.  but if you want something fresh, look elsewhere.