So, to start off. I'm doing this review in sections. Enjoy!


The story is the same as always, which is fine by me. I love the story even for it's flaws.


The game-play is smooth and extremely fun. It definitely uses the circle pad to it's fullest, and has many moves from Mario's previous adventures. It never feels like you've been cheated when you die, because the controls feel so tight. It has some of the tightest controls in a Mario game you could hope for. The levels are extremely well designed, even while some are more fun than others, they all have their own kind of special feature. The game-play is the games strongest point.


The music is fantastic. It's light-hearted and cheerful and gets you in the mood to play some bright colored levels. It can be pretty epic at the Bowser castles as well. the SFX are cartoonish and fit with the rest of game. Overall the music and SFX fit in perfectly, and complement the games levels.


The 3D is really good, and actually adds depth to the game, unlike some games, that just use 3D to make things pop out. You can decide between 2 3D settings, and although i kept it on 1 for most of the whole game, it was nice having 2 different options. Overall, the 3D really adds to the game experience.


There is a lot  of content in this game, with a Streetpass feature, 8 more worlds than usual, and a lot of challenges you can make for yourself, the content seems never-ending. This is one of the most content packed Mario games I've played in a while, and it's completely in the game's favor.


The game has loads of replayability. You can get all the Star Coins, Streetpass someone and try and beat their times, or you can beat your own times. You can make a bunch challenges for yourself, and there is a lot of fun too be had. Just going back to levels to play them is enough reason. The replayability is fantastic.


Overall, The game has fantastic controls, is a fantastic title for 3DS, had wonderful and charming music, has more content then your normal Mario game, has 3D that adds depth, and enough replayability to last you for a while. If the game had a little more content, maybe was a little bit harder, and gave you a better reward for getting all the Star Coins, this would have gotten a 10. However, it is still a fantastic game, that should definitely be part of your collection.