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Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo Drops 76 Super Mario 3D Land Screens And New Trailer

This is what geologists call a "Mario Motherlode." That's right -- 76 new screens from the upcoming 3DS title, plus a revealing new trailer.

Super Mario 3D Land looks to unite Mario's 2D and 3D legacies into an inventive whole. So far, it looks like another classic. The trailer is revealing, showing off more Tanooki suit action plus some elements that will be familiar to fans of his recent adventures on Wii.

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  • That's...a lot of Mario.
  • Maybe this might be the game that sells me on the 3ds.

  • WANT!  This is the game I was waiting for before I got a 3DS.

  • Looks really fun.  I can guarantee Nintendo a 3DS purchase... eventually.

  • looks brilliant. 3d mario done in the style of 2d mario. this is what ive always wanted, and now i get it finally. also anyone notice the white tanooki suit, but also there was a black tanooki leaf meaning black tanooki suit?

  • reminds me of Super Mario 64 a bit.

  • i am so getting this game please people who see this add me as a friend i have no friends on here pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bbbyyaahhh!!! - Dave Chappelle
  • There are tails everywhere.
  • So...many...screens...

  • I'm really glad they're bringing back Boom Boom the mini boss from Mario Bros. 3, i don't know why i just always thought he was cool

  • Zelda and this were my original reasons for purchasing the system. Starfox was a bonus but, so far with Ocarina being so amazing and this game looking as ridiculous as it does, i'm proud to own it.

  • I am so glad they told me that the trailer was just 2D video of a 3D game and you would have to own a 3DS to see the 3D effect. Honestly, I thought that the trailer would have some how updated my computer and screen to magically display 3D images without any effort on my end. I really thought Nintendo had some awesome futuristic technology that could do this.

    Thank God they point it out in the beginning of every video they post, otherwise I would never know that I couldn't actually see the 3D visuals without a 3DS....

    ::Sarcasm Overload::
    ::System Shutdown::
    ::Launching Cynical Protocol 2::
  • is anyone concerned how powerful nintendos geting
  • Best Mario yet?
  • So, I am playing the totally sweet RAGE, and I take a break to browse GI, and I see this.  The only way to describe how I feel right now is "Today feels like Christmas."

  • Wow it's looking good I can't waiOH MY GOD A P-WING!!!!!!!!!!

  • SO EXCITED!! My 3ds would like something besides Zelda in it!

  • NOW the 3ds be gettin' some booty >.>

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