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Super Mario 3D Land

Take Another Peek At Mario's Latest Adventure

Nintendo has revealed the release date for Mario's latest outing, and marked the occasion with a brand-new trailer. Super Mario 3D Land will be hitting Nintendo's 3DS handheld in North America this November.

You'll want to clear off your calendar this November 13, which is when the game is coming out. Longtime Mario fans will probably get a big kick out of the return of the tanooki suit, which shows up near the end of the trailer below. Nintendo also released a handful of new screens for the game, and you can take a look at those in the gallery. There are some nice little callbacks to old-school Mario in them.

Tim played the game back in June at E3, and seemed to have a pretty good time with it. Then again, when was the last time you didn't play a good Mario game?

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  • Nice. It looks like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy and the old Mario games from the Gameboy series. WOW. What a seriously awesome first comment. Hopefully not the only one.

  • Ahhh, brings me back to the Mario 64...soo good.
  • I got to play the demo levels at Comic-Con this past summer. The plane shifting worked pretty well. The entire feel of it reminded me of Mario 64, but with a totally different feel with the environment. The game looks awesome, I'm excited to say the very least~
  • Can't wait for this! When it comes out, I'll buy a 3DS.

  • Wow. It definitely reminds me a lot of Super Mario Galaxy. This will certainly be the go-to game for the 3DS for a while.
  • 3DS system seller will finally be here... I do enjoy the SMB three looks and items. It's probably safe to say this will be the best handheld Mario game yet. 3D environment one anyway...
  • Why does that goomba have a raccoon tail instead of wings on his head?
  • The only good game besides Oot and maybe RE revalations. and maybe mario kart. and the WAAAY far away smash bros.
  • I'll be buying a 3DS in about a year or so... or at least when more awesome games like this comes out. Most likely when the first revision is released
  • Even if there weren't a bunch of other awesome-looking 3DS games that I'm looking forward to... Even if I didn't need a 3DS for the inevitable Pokémon 6... I would buy a 3DS just for this game. Good lord.
  • very, very cool lookin.

  • YES

  • Looking pretty good there, Mario.

  • I don't know if I can wait two weeks to get it for my birthday instead of pay for it. Must...have...willpower.

    edit: Actually, it's less than a week wait for me. I was looking at the Japanese release date. :)
  • I swear, it seems like the only time that I find myself wishing I had any given Nintendo system is when I see a Mario video. Something basic deep down inside me starts smiling when I hear the happy music, bright colors, and awesome gameplay. Almost wish I had a 3DS to play this game, but two or three games just aren't enough reason to buy a system.
  • I have no doubt this will be awesome. I just wish that with all that talent at Nintendo they would do something new.
  • I sooo cannot wait now I have a reason to get my 3DS out again!

  • Mario is overrated so much. If I feel like they're all the same, why not just play the old ones on NES?
  • I really don't like those top down camera angels...But other than that. This game looks great! Can't wait to try it out!

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