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Sunset Overdrive

Video Details Scott Pilgrim Inspirations And Teases Digital Pre-Order Exclusive

The latest episode of Sunset TV takes a look at the game's Scott Pilgrim-inspired cinematics and a new attack that summons molten lava everywhere you walk.

You can check out the video below, which showcases the new Scorched Earth amp. Basically, everywhere you walk produces an explosion of molten lava from the ground, which is bad news for any enemies following you.

The video also talks about the game's cinematics, which look to Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for its general aesthetic and editing style. The video also explains how host Brandon Winfrey broke his finger and that there may be an ecxlusive freebie for those who pre-order and purchase the game digitally.

You can also check out last week's video, which goes into a little more detail on the game's 8-player multiplayer mode, Chaos Squad.

Sunset Overdirve is coming exclusively to Xbox One on October 28.

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  • So... the game was inspired by a movie that was inspired by games? Oh and somewhere there's like a comic book... right?
  • it doesn't look like it will be that great tbh

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Is In Fact One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time!
  • This game looks interesting, but I'll probably just ask for it for Christmas.

  • The wife and I play co-op games together. We loved crackdown and will probably get this day one as it reminds us of that game but crazier.

  • Still looking forward to this game but it sucks hearing that even though I'm paying full price for the game I won't get it in it's entirety. Thanks again Gamestop!

  • I'm not sure how I feel about Sunset Overdrive at the moment. I mean, I love the general art style/aesthetic and player customization but they haven't shown much beyond taking down hordes of mooks and the occasional big guy. Either way I won't be able to play it until it comes on PC (I have no intention of buying an Xbone and both Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall have come to PC so there's a good possibility this game will do the same) so I can't really bring myself to be excited about it.
  • One of the games I'm looking forward to and the digital bonus is nice since I would prefer going all digital. However, my internet isn't that great and until pre loading is added to the Xbox One I will have to settle with discs.
  • Interesting so is microsoft going to be allowing digital preorders sometime soon? Maybe August update.

  • Looks like it might be fun. I'll have to put it somewhere down on my list.

  • There's new Sailor Moon!?

  • Wish this game was on PS4, this game might just push me to get my own XBOne
  • Introducing: Scorched Earth- An epic amp that produces molten lava blasts, so it's great for luring enemies into a warm hug...THAT KILLS THEM!! ROFLMAO!!!!
  • Digital pre-order exclusives. Yuck.