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Sunset Overdrive

Watch The Opening Cinematic And 8 Minutes Of Gameplay

Insomniac's latest, Sunset Overdrive, is a colorful open-world shooter coming to the Xbox One. We talked with the developers about character customization at E3 2014, but now folks can get a better look at the single-player action thanks to videos from this year's Rooster Teeth Expo.

Check out the opening cinematic for Sunset Overdrive below. It sets up how Sunset Overdrive came to be overran with orange, gooey mutants. Just a heads up, there's a bunch of swearing along with the beautiful, colorful mayhem.

This stage demo shows off eight minutes of gameplay, complete with commentary from Insomniac Games representatives. The video highlights an amusement part-turned-battleground and the inventive way traversal gels with gunplay.

For extended hands-on impressions, read this preview.

[Via Joystiq]

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  • Looking forward to playing with friends on this. I hope the story is interesting enough to keep me engaged. Humor wise looks fine, and gameplay looks fun.

  • this game with quantum break are the reason for me to buying xone


    mmo shooter

    i like this type of gaming

    and a experienced studio behind it

  • This game doesn't look bad but I doubt it will hold many peoples interest for too long. Tim is right with the objectives the game will make you want to do cool stuff for the score cards but this seems like an idle time arcade game. Not something you can sit down for hours and hours at a stretch.
  • It looks decent, but looks like boredom would insue early on. I'll checkit out upon release.
  • I like how the game objectives are given in crazy ways lol. The fire roaring through the city says "apocalypse" while the metro that speeds by the protagonist says "Go home". Little details like this give a game soul.
  • I watched the video on Xbox One this weekend, looks fun, for about a day, then gets old fast. I can see its hype fade fast like titanfalls did. Evolve looks by far the better of this type, that and being a giant monster helps.

  • Man.... I Want This Game SO Bad....

  • Looks like it'll probably be really fun, but I won't be able to play it because I have PS4. Nice exclusive for the One here.

  • Agree with a lot of other folks on here. It looks fun, but not a long term answer. Hopefully it's a short game, or pulls out some sort of story worth sticking around for

  • It does look exciting and fun, but it's in that area of Saints Row for daffy type stuff going on. I will need to hear some good word of mouth and see reviews before I dive in. Also the die hard Sony fan inside of me really wonders if Ted Price is trying to rub Sony's nose in it with this game. Seeing that Insomniac was Sony only for quite a while until they went multiplatform with Fuse which wasn't that great of a game. Now this is for ONE only. Just seems strange to go from one spot to another in this fashion.
  • Looks really solid, maybe they should demo something besides that theme park level though.

  • Looks so so....too bad it's an xbone exclusive.....
  • Love Roosterteeth.

  • Awesome, I pre-ordered this so I hope it's good.

  • Looks repetitive and boring.

  • Looks like another awesome Xbox One exclusive, can't wait to play! Yet another reason why Microsoft is kicking Sony's a$$ in the exclusive games department. Don't get me wrong, I love my PS4 but besides MLb the show and Infamous(which I already beat) there is nothing else on it that's any good right now. I figured I might as well ask, since I see all these Sony fanboys on an Xbox One article talking about how crappy and boring Sunset Overdrive looks(smells jelly) , is anybody having issues with the PS4 fan noise?? Im hoping for some serious answers, it everytime I start a game up the fan in the PS4 just gets so damn loud! The whole console sounds like its humming and its definitely not "whisper quiet.. Its about 20X louder than my X1 and even louder than my Wii U?? My X1 makes no noise at all barely and that's after playing for like 5 hours! I get 10 minutes into a PS4 game and it sounds like its about to lift off, and I barely ever play it! Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if I should send it in? Im dreading sending it in cause I hate Sony customer service.. Feedback please!
  • Why am I hearing music from Trials Fusion? Is that part of the game soundtrack. Is this game going to run at 30fps when it launches. I just hope that the missions have variety and are fun. because it seems like all the gameplay we have been shown is just killing Overdosed enemies in creative ways. It could get repetitive quickly.
  • This looks like it has no replay value...a one an done kind of game.
  • This game looks incredibly fun to me!

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