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Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive's Exploding Teddy Bears & Vinyl Records

Insomniac is known for creating cool weapons in its games, and the latest episode of Sunset TV goes over two of them: High Fidelity and TNTeddy.

High Fidelity shoots out explosive records that ricochet everywhere and produce more damage, and the TNTeddy shots out explosive teddy bear's with a large blast radius.

The latest episode also answers some fans' questions about single- and multiplayer, as well as melee combos.

For the first episode of Sunset TV, check out our previous preview.

Sunset Overdrive is out for the Xbox One this year.

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  • I need to see more of this gamein action. The concept is definitely appealing, but right now the "traversal-combat" just seems like a gimmick.

  • This game looks Tre Kool

  • I'm digging the vibrantly colored games that have been coming out: this, Infamous (well, some powers at least), PvZ:GW; it's a refreshing change of pace as most "Mature" games tend to be drab and dark.

  • This guy is coming off as trying to be funny like some of teh funny YouTubers but he's failing at it to me. He's not terrible but he's not funny either. Still this game looks good. I like the Vinyl Disc gun.
  • I love the art style. Hope to see more like it.PVZ:GW was one. I like Fortnite's as well.

  • Haha. The exploding teddy bear is pretty funny. I am going to love seeing more of this at E3.