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Strider Gets Release Date And New Modes

You’ve got a date with Strider Hiryu. Capcom has announced that its series reboot, in development at Double Helix (Killer Instinct), will be arriving later this month.

In addition to the February 18 (on consoles) and 19 (via Steam) release dates, Capcom has also revealed two new modes. Beacon Run is a checkpoint race. Survival Mode gives players different loadouts and pits them against waves of enemies.

The two new modes will feature leaderboards. Story mode results will also be posted, so players can compare with friends. 

A new batch of screenshots shows off the new game types in action. Strider is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Release a physical version!!!

  • Man, too bad I don't have any money to spend on video games
  • Wow, that's very soon! Looks great!

  • Words cannot adequately express the gibbering happiness I feel from reading this article.

  • Wasn't expecting this soon, I'm happy it is though. I am looking forward to playing this.

  • This game looks like it could be fun, but I'll wait for a digital sale first. Modern Capcom isn't one to be trusted.

  • Is this a download or a retail game? If the latter, than I'll look into it.
  • I will download the Xbox One Version. Therefore I can have something else to play on my Xbox One besides Killer Instinct.
  • Release date? Check (shared with EDF 2025).

    Extra modes? Yes.

    Customization? Very yes - looks like you can customize Hiryu's colors freely, or choose from a list of presets. I do wonder if there's an actual unlockable Hien character model in here somewhere...

    Wow, we got the trifecta here. And it is good.

  • about time been patiently waiting for a release date for this game.....awesome, lot of good game's this month.

  • Would it be too much to ask if Sony made this game free for PS+ members? Like it did Outlast? Or is that asking too much?

  • Awe yeah, I thought this would be 20 bucks or more. But for 15 that's a must buy!!!!!!!!!

  • Can we get a Test Chamber of this when it releases? Pretty please?!?

    Maybe Tim could play it. You know, as a reward for his long suffering.

  • Wow Double Helix has come a long way since Silent Hill:Homecoming, loved that game but it is admittedly pretty blegh. They're actually making good games now.

  • great so soon cant wait to buy this.

  • If this game turns out great, I'll be excited for Double Helix's next game.

  • This looks great; I'm looking forward to it. I just hope it sounds great too - Capcom better have gotten a Japanese composer to do the soundtrack. The customizing stuff looks neat too here.

  • Amazing! I remember playing Strider back in the PS1 years.