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See Strider In Action

A new Strider game was announced on Thursday, and Capcom has released a long trailer of uninterrupted gameplay.

The video is seven minutes long and shows Strider's impressive speed and chaotic action. It also shows Strider gaining new skills.

Strider is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC early next year. For more on the game, check out our extensive preview.

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  • YES! Mega Drive's (Genesis) Strider is one of my all-time favourite games.

  • i didnt know it would be 2d so i probably wont get it but i can tell whoever likes 2d would nut to this game lol
  • Seems pretty cool. Hopefully Double Helix pulls through with this one.

  • I said it before and I'll say it again, this looks like Double Helix's redemption.

  • Didn't like it before this trailer, but am optimistic after seeing the gameplay.

  • Cool i never played a strider game but it looks like a good start.

  • Well I'm interested! I love frantically slicing things.
  • must buy day one...

  • Double Helix. No thanks.

  • So much awesome!

  • Here's hoping Double Helix does good on this, they don't have a great track record.
  • AMAZING! Reminds me of shadow complex, more metroidvania games are always welcome in my library :D
  • Such a odd series to do a reboot of...I mean its cool and all obscure.

  • LOVED playing Strider back in the day. This is one to possibly add to the collection.

  • I'll wait for reviews...
  • Dear Capcom, Everything looks great so far, it really does. Just please, don't be stupid and call this "Strider". That is one of the dumbest moves you game publishers do consistently, and I have no frickin' idea why you'd repeatedly do something so stupid that could be so easily avoided. Here's an example - Let's have a chat about games. What do you want to talk about? Mortal Kombat? Shinobi? Ninja Gaiden? Killer Instinct? Starting to see the problem here? Sack up and give this promising-looking game a proper title, please? Strider 3? Strider Returns? Strider X? Strider Infinity? Super Strider? Strider 64? Strider 360? I honestly don't care. Just don't call it Strider. You already made that game, and it's already confusing enough bringing it up (do you mean the arcade one, the Genesis one or the NES one?). Keep up the great work otherwise. This looks totally awesome. Sincerely, Vince
  • My body is strong;

    My mind is fierce;

    Bring on the pain, Strider--I'm ready for you.

  • Looks awesome i'm getting it.

  • Don't get me wrong, I was there for the release of the first Strider...but if someone can reboot this character, I just know we'll have another decent new Metroid game one day. Come on video game gods!!
  • I remember playing the Sega Genesis one long ago and for its day it was ok. I do hope to see up to date version for the modern day game system.

    Please check out my little video game place

    I been playing video game since the old 8 bit Nintendo system and have been trying to keep up but I have since the xbox 360 and PS3 day had to pick one system and wait until the other when down in price.

    PS I'm going to get Castlevania LOS 2 The last one was great! PS they didn't need to have the DLC for it. But they was good.

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