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  • Blog Post: Street Fighter X Tekken Review: More Than Just A Mash-Up

    Aside from their fundamental “beat up dudes until they get knocked out” concepts, Street Fighter and Tekken couldn’t be more different. One of the most interesting things about Street Fighter X Tekken is how Capcom mined elements from both series and repurposed them to create something... More
  • Blog Post: New Screenshot Secretly Confirms M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu

    The Xbox Live Marketplace recently added some new Street Fighter X Tekken screenshots to its page about the game, and up in the very top you can see the confirmations of the new characters. It's safe to assume that M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu will appear in the both the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are A Lot Of Street Fighter X Tekken Screens

    In addition to a flood of new images, Capcom has explained more about the gem system, which allows players to shore up their fighting weaknesses. Gems come in two varieties: assist and boost. Assist gems give you a bonus (like easy input special moves) balanced by a handicap in another area (like decreasing... More
  • Blog Post: Who Are These New Street Fighter X Tekken Fighters?

    Capcom has released another set of teaser trailers hinting at two new combatants for Street Fighter X Tekken. The set of videos has me excited for one possibility, and confused about the other. I'll let you watch the video first without my feedback. Guessing who's who is half the fun. I would... More
  • Blog Post: Here Comes A New Challenger

    We’ve seen cinematic trailers from Street Fighter’s Tekken crossover, but until Captivate we hadn’t had a chance to see the game in action. After getting our hands on it, it’s clear that it’s a solid interpretation of both games that doesn’t necessarily play favorites... More
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