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  • Blog Post: Street Fighter X Tekken Review: More Than Just A Mash-Up

    Aside from their fundamental “beat up dudes until they get knocked out” concepts, Street Fighter and Tekken couldn’t be more different. One of the most interesting things about Street Fighter X Tekken is how Capcom mined elements from both series and repurposed them to create something... More
  • Blog Post: New Fighters Revealed In Street Fighter X Tekken

    Capcom today revealed six new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken. The list includes Balrog, Juri, and Vega from the Street Fighter side, and Paul, Law and Xiaoyu from the Tekken side. The publisher also teased that Pac-Man will be a playable fighter is the PlayStation Vita version of the game. Check... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are A Lot Of Street Fighter X Tekken Screens

    In addition to a flood of new images, Capcom has explained more about the gem system, which allows players to shore up their fighting weaknesses. Gems come in two varieties: assist and boost. Assist gems give you a bonus (like easy input special moves) balanced by a handicap in another area (like decreasing... More
  • Blog Post: Crossover Fighter Dated, New Trailer Released

    Few fighting games look as over the top as Street Fighter X Tekken, which pits contestants from the two venerable series against each other. During this weekend's New York Comic Con, Capcom finally revealed the release date for the game, along a five minute trailer that explains all of the features... More
  • Blog Post: Entering Battle With Four New Fighters

    Some say you can’t have too much of a good thing, and for those people I present Street Fighter X Tekken. I recently got my hands on this new Capcom fighting title at TGS 2011, and the proven Street Fighter formula works beautifully. Not only did I get to try my hand at the game for the first time... More
  • Blog Post: New Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer & Screens

    At Tokyo Game Show, Capcom delivered a funny new trailer for the fighter, as well as a slew of screens for the game. The game comes out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita (with some of its own exclusive characters) on March 2nd. Enjoy (Also be sure to look at these two previous videos... More
  • Blog Post: Who Are These New Street Fighter X Tekken Fighters?

    Capcom has released another set of teaser trailers hinting at two new combatants for Street Fighter X Tekken. The set of videos has me excited for one possibility, and confused about the other. I'll let you watch the video first without my feedback. Guessing who's who is half the fun. I would... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out An Electric Bear In New Street Fighter X Tekken Screens

    I was always amused by Kuma in the Tekken series, but I don't seem to remember him ever having any electric powers. However, the screen that you see above certainly makes it look like everyone's favorite fighting grizzly is shooting lightning out of his face. Check out the rest of the gallery... More
  • Blog Post: A Bear Joins The Battle In Street Fighter X Tekken Tutorial Video

    Why wait a day to watch the Gamescom 2011 trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken when you can get it right now? This video teaches players the basics of swapping characters, performing launches, and executing devastating Cross Arts. Wanna see a video of Ryu and Ken pulverizing their enemy with a hadouken... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At Street Fighter X Tekken

    Street Fighter X Tekken made waves for being a PlayStation Vita game, but let's not forget the home console big brother. The game naturally takes on characteristics and combatants from both the Street Fighter and Tekken series, including tags as well as Super Combos and EX Attacks. Take a look for... More
  • Blog Post: Here Comes A New Challenger

    We’ve seen cinematic trailers from Street Fighter’s Tekken crossover, but until Captivate we hadn’t had a chance to see the game in action. After getting our hands on it, it’s clear that it’s a solid interpretation of both games that doesn’t necessarily play favorites... More
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