Some say you can’t have too much of a good thing, and for those people I present Street Fighter X Tekken. I recently got my hands on this new Capcom fighting title at TGS 2011, and the proven Street Fighter formula works beautifully. Not only did I get to try my hand at the game for the first time, I got to take the four newly announced contenders for a ride.

Being a Capcom fan, I immediately chose new fighters Zangief and Rolento as my tag team duo. I enjoyed finally watching the Russian wrestler take on an actual bear and punish it with a spinning pile-driver. Rolento’s spastic baton attacks offer a great sense of range and speed that makes up for Zangief’s oafish fighting.

My other couple consisted of the Tekken side, Lili and Heihachi. The crazy, white-haired head honcho of Tekken controlled well, as did Lili. Tinkering with patented Street Fighter moves like hadouken and shoryuken inputs generated results, but I can only imagine this will be jarring for Tekken fans aching for their familiar control scheme. Either way, it ended with fun matches filled with flashy uppercuts and provocative kicks in a short skirt.

I’m no fighting game savant, but I know fun when I’m having it. I had a blast punching and kicking my way through matches, even if I didn’t know what the Tekken side was all about. For die hard Tekken fans, these characters may feel like new Street Fighter characters with Tekken skins, but for everyone else it’s just more folks to make for a merrier game.