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Street Fighter X Tekken

Who Are These New Street Fighter X Tekken Fighters?

Capcom has released another set of teaser trailers hinting at two new combatants for Street Fighter X Tekken. The set of videos has me excited for one possibility, and confused about the other.

I'll let you watch the video first without my feedback. Guessing who's who is half the fun.

I would recognize Zangief's red boots and fenced-in arena any day, but the new Tekken fighter has me puzzled. Then again, I'm not much of a Tekken guy. Who is the mysterious Namco champ?

Street Fighter X Tekken hits PC, 360, and PS3 on March 2, 2012.

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  • Zangief and Lili
  • These are pretty cool. I thought the first one might have been Sakura at first, but if it's a Tekken character then I don't know.
  • Deff Lili and Zangief

  • How can they mix street fighter fight styles with tekkens? Tekken has a way more complex one.
  • It looks to me like Zangief cause the stage part is from the Sf2 game i think, so yea, the other one is a female, she fights like a monkey i think O_O

  • I've never really played Street Fighter a whole lot,I actually played Tekken more but I haven't played Tekken in a very long time either. Nevertheless this should be an interesting game and a good opportunity to revitalize my love for both games...

  • k

  • Zangief was very obvious. Scarred muscular body, red boots, the stage, and you can even tell thats the green aura arc of his green hand attack.

    Tekken I'm not to sure but I also thought it might be Lili.

  • I'm positive that the Tekken character is Lili.

  • Its Zagief and Lili

  • If you play them at the exact same time, they actually match up. Just a interesting thing I noticed. But yeah, I saw Zangief right away. I haven't touched Tekken since 3 so I had to look up Lili. She looks meh.

  • I'm with Tim on this one, who the heck is the second one?

  • This game's going to be awesome.

  • It's Lili for sure, the white and red glove is a dead give away.  Which all I can say is awesome, she was my "go to" character in Tekken 6.

  • my first thought is Lili but otherwise i couldnt make out jack from any of these

  • It's definately Zangief and Lili, as others had said before me. This game just keeps getting interesting; So interesting in fact, it may beat out Lollipop Chainsaw as my first preorder of 2012.

  • With Lili in the game, it's a given we're gonna see Sakura

  • Zangief? Great. I'm always at a loss for the Tekken ones. Haven't played a Tekken since...4? Anywho, I'm looking forward to who else they reveal at TGS.

  • Yeah that was weird.... -_-

  • Those are indeed Lili's gloves at 0:21 of the first video, but I'll have to take your guy's word on Zangief as I cannot see it :P

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