When most people think about a fighting game, the average gamer will mention Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat while dedicated fans of the genre will go down a list of several fighting games, one of them being Tekken. I've personally been a dedicated Street Fighter fan for several years now and never got too into the Tekken series. I played quite a bit of Tekken 3 in the arcade and picked up Tekken 4 and rented Tekken 5 when they came out, but I never became dedicated to the franchise. Street Fighter X Tekken takes what most fans of the fighting genre wanted and put it into a game. Straying far away from most of Capcom's crossover titles, Street Fighter X Tekken takes everything that made Street Fighter the game it is today and combined it with not only members of the Tekken cast, but features from the Tekken Tag Tournament games.

  Street Fighter X Tekken takes a little time to warm up to. The fighting mechanics are all the same for most of the respected cast, sharing their moves from the most recent titles. There are quite a few things to remember going into the game however. Realistically you do not have two life bars in fights. When one bar runs out, the match is over and the winner is the person standing, which can make matches extremely frustrating when you're unable to switch out due to either a continuous combo or a launcher not connecting. Something else to consider is that most of the Tekken characters have a special stance they need to be in to perform certain moves, which can also lead into problems in the middle of a match. There is also the Pandora system, which I ultimately found useless in almost every match I played in both the Arcade mode and Online mode. Something else included in Street Fighter X Tekken is the new Gem System (similar to the card system in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom's Heroes and Heralds)  which has the ability to make or break matches depending upon which gems a player chooses and how well those gems suit the player's style.

  The different modes that are offered in Street Fighter X Tekken are very similar to what you would see if you looked at Super Street Fighter IV. Arcade Mode is typical, pick your characters and fight random teams until the end, however you do need to pick the actual tag teams that were preset in order to witness the cutscenes and understand the full story of the game which can lead to some complicated times with characters that are hard to use. From Arcade we go to Online which is exactly what you would expect. Online mode consists of Player Matches, Ranked Matches, Endless Battle, and a new mode called Scramble Battle, which has you team up with another person and take on another team in an all out brawl against the enemy team.Searching for Ranked matches is similar to how Marvel Vs. Capcom is setup, forcing you into a match without allowing the selection of a lobby. Player Matches are the same way, however Endless Battle and Scramble Battle allows you to choose. The matching system is still off balance when it comes to finding someone of similar skill, but Capcom is working on quite a few things to enhance the experience. Sporting a similar ranking system to Street Fighter, players earn Battle Points for winning ranked matches and lose them for losses. Capcom did take the advice of the community and incorporated the Replay Channel into Street Fighter X Tekken with enhanced features. The Replay Channel functions more like an actual television channel, allowing you to select a category and subcategory, which then starts a series of continuous replays that players can save into a channel of their own to go and watch at a later time. Players have the ability to go into Trial and learn all of the character's moves and combos and there's the all new Missions, which has players defeat opponents under certain circumstances.

  When it comes to playing the game with all of the mechanics involved, it looks and plays like Street Fighter but feels more like a Tekken game. The adjustments take some time adjusting to and the online community uses some of the cheapest tactics, but overall the experience is amazing and I personally feel the need to learn how to better myself as a player.