I waiting a few days before posting a review because I wanted to get a feel for most of the features and characters first. 

This is a great game. It takes getting use to for both sides, even for street fighter people, since the mechanics and ways to fight are very different from any recent fighter. In fact, this has been compared to the old crossover game, Capcom vs SNK 2. Now it would seem as though the Tekken people are at a disadvantage, but the way they are mixed in with their dodging helps in going across a map if dealing with spammers. Also, many of their combos, like Kazuya for example, switches back and forth between low, medium, and overhead hits, making the combos hard to block when in close.

I like that they did a 2D style since there will be a Tekken version in the 3D. Now I do enjoy 3D fighters like Soul Caliber, but the last time I played street fighter in a 3D setting, it didn't go so well, so Namco has quite a challenge of how to make Ryu a threat when sidestepping hadokens is an easy option. Otherwise, for this game, Capcom did great by melding things together as the GI review states. Though fair warning for those thinking they can just bring in the habits and skills from Street Fighter 4 into this game without issue, you will get rocked because there are many differences. 

Now my biggest complaint is merely the audio when online. Capcom is working to fix it, so I'm hoping it gets resolved soon, but other than that, it is solid online. I love teaming up with my friend and taking on people in ranked matches. 

When it comes to crossovers, Capcom just knows how to make sure it works.