Am I a fan of fighting games? Who isn't? So when a game features the collision of two of the best in the genre, only good things can happen. 


I don't understand why it was done in 2D. Sure, it is Capcom's bread and butter. Seeing Tekken fighters on a 2D plain is just odd. It plays odd as well. I found myself leaning towards the SF roster when deciding my weapon of choice. 

Look at it this way; Tekken is 3D all the way. Street Fighter has done 3D titles to great effect. To me it only makes sense that this would have been on a 3D field. It's hard for me to get over the mismatch of 2D battlefields with 3D fighters. It just feels weird.

Visuals aside, I cannot doubt that I found myself playing for hours without realizing. That's usually a sign of a good game. Not even Mortal Kombat could accomplish that. It felt like Street Fighter 2 in the arcades when I was a young whipper snapper. Good times.

Overall it's a good, solid game once you get over the initial awkwardness of the 2D/3D mixing. Hopefully more characters will be included in future DLCs.