So since the whole "Retro Boom" when people decided to invest more time into previous games aged by history, and even before their birth (A boom I consider myself part of) Anniversary sets have become more and more popular. Mario, Zelda, Kirby and even Master Chief have hopped on the "retro" or "reboot" band wagon, releasing a Xth anniversary for each one. So Capcom was closing in on two important ones, and decided to do the amazing. Combine both for free! And Street Fighter X Mega Man was born. I like the Street Fighter in Mega Man a lot better than Mega Man in Street Fighter. It feels like they put more work into making an interesting concept, but keeping it very nostalgic. The game itself holds up very well, and controls like a standard Mega Man game, which is good. The Soundtrack is phenomenal, and is also free (Google by the artist A Rival. Set price to $0). For what it's worth, the game does put a decent Mega Man level challenge into each level, and requires continues to beat. The game can be unforgiving at points, but this isn't bad. More games should have this kind of difficulty. Good for what it's worth, but if it had a price, maybe $10 would be reasonable. Download now!