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Street Fighter 360

This game has to be the BEST street fighter game Yet.

The visual part of the game has 3-D backgroung and its continuous with 2-D traditional fighting gameplay. It also has exagerated visual effects such as calligriphic strokes, ink smudges and ink sprays.

To my understanding this game holds street fighter fans hooked and addicted for competition!

I would recomend this game to big "FIGHTING" game fans and STREET FIGHTER fans completley

  • This Street Fighter game has got to be the best yet...The graphics are cartoonish but awesome at the same 3D time. You still get the 2D fighting system and it is very fun. It takes a while to get used to the controls but once you do you will be on your way to awesome fighting. There are also some cool effects like ink flying everywhere. I really suggest this to competitive players and people who just love to play fighting games. It also has a great Online system.