I've been playing State of Decay for well over half a day. I figured I could share some information that I found so people don't have kill off their Survivors as often.

Use Control F to find what your looking for. Search the words, not the #'s


Table of Contents

1 . Quick Hints

2. Special Zombie Tactics

3. Infestation

4. Resources vs Individual Items

- Quick Hints -

1) Take the time to go through and read information in your Notebook (d-pad up). It lists information that explains the effects of stats, such as fighting increasing vitality & powerhouse increasing your chance of an instant kill on zombies (Usually resulting in their head exploding). 

2) Keep a car handy, but don't rely on it that much. Automobiles are fantasic, but the problem is you can't raise any skills in a vehicle. Get your hands dirty, raise your fighting. Extra vitality means more time alive in a brawl.

3) Don't get me wrong, Cars are huge assets. Expecially in the case of infestations. A car horn with your Left Stick Button allows you to lure zombies into a motor vehicle ambush. Car in bad shape? Honk the horn nice and loud, then make a dash for it, and when the Zeds shows up you can clear the houses for loot.

4) When an Ally is in trouble, go quickly. This prevents the chance that they can get injured, which means you may not be able to use them. Also, when you rescue them, they follow you. This means, that until you return to your Home Base, you have an extra helping hand. I usually take them with me to take care of infestations that pop up, and to watch my back during scavenging missions. When you've got your full backpack worth of loot and cleared a few houses, take them back home for extra Trust & a morale boost. 


- Special Zombies -

 - Feral - These guys move quickly and act like the *** child of Left 4 Deads Jockey & Hunter. These guys are best handled with a helping hand. If you don't have a helping hand, grab a vehicle & run him over. Seriously, don't bother fighting him. Grab a car, honk your horn to lure him, and turn him into zombie chowder.

 - Rotter - This creature requires the oddest kind of action. Shoot it. don't approach it with physical weapons, or even hit it with your car. You can, but jump out of your car immediately, or get your car to a high speed and jump out before impact. This creature releases a toxic gas upon its death.

 P.S - Shooting it in the head does prevent the explosion, but with the hard aiming this game has, don't bother.

- SWAT - These guys aren't an issue at all. You really don't want to use guns often, and that's what these guys are resistant too. They have Bullet Proof Vests that give them protection against bullets and they can survive more hits from your weapons, but knock them down and finishers work fine. Powerhouse characters do really well against them, because they can blow its head before they finally knock them down.

- Juggernaut , Fat ***, Tank , That monstrosity that killed my Maya - I hate these things, and there are a few different ways you can kill them, but one way, remains the best. Vehicles! You can try CQC, but it'll literally tear you in half. You can try bullets, but it takes quite a few headshots. Grab any vehicle, and bump into it in reverse (Reduces damage to Engine). You will come to a complete stop and it will fall back 10 feet. Immediately start reversing into it. It'll go into an animation that will have it trying to prop it self up and its head will be lower and bam. Dead. 2 Bumps. Very simple.

- Screamer - These guys are usually found in infestations. They'll be in locked houses with 15 other zombies. They have no arms and no physical attacks. They present a danger only when with other zombies because they scream (which calls other zombies btw) and freeze in place with its high pitched resonance. Sneaking up on them and performing a stealth kill works, or simply attacking them fast enough works because they've got pretty low health.


- Infestations -

Sometimes you'll get missions for these which involves you and another survivor cleaning out a house of Zeds & a few Special Zeds. You can handle these on your own but it involves a Vehicle. A typical character can handle 2-4 Zeds at once. Infestations can have 10+ & 2 Special Zeds. You can bottleneck them through the door but zombies will surround you from other houses. You'll die quickly.

You can even the odds by bringing a vehicle. I love Pickup trucks, they work miracles. Get used to driving in reverse, because it'll improve the longevity of your Pickup trucks by a large margin.

- Drive in front of the house.

- Honk your horn like an Angry road raging driver.

- Zeds will break out of windows, open door and head in your general direction.

- Run them over and weaken their #'s. When you feel that the situation can be handled, get in there and handle the details. Special Zombies tend to stay in the house, so those will require your attention.


Resources vs Supplied Items


You're going to find medicine, weapons, 2x4 wooden planks, and a plethora of items. However, you'll also find  Material, Medical, Fuel, & Food resource packs & ammo caches. While these resource packs can be broken down to their individual components, this only helps the individual who uses them rather than the community. Thats sometime you have to remember, you are your community. 

These resource packs can be picked up with (a), and it'll slow you down until you get it back to home base. & it can only be brought back to home base, not outposts.

You can also call home base and radio in a runner to collect these. I usually call one over if I find 2 or more caches and by the way, thats like finding a gold mine. These supplies keep your community alive.

People need food to keep away starvation, medicine to keep away disease (very important), ammo to protect the home base from zombies and keep the safe zone perimeter safe. We need construction materials to maintain your home base and to build upgrades. Fuel is also used for upgrades as well as powering generators which can be used to power electric gates that further protect your survivors paradise. 

- Say you find a cache, & pick it up? You can sprint with it to improve cardio, but in order to bring it back its simple. Hold (a) to carry the supply cache, get into your car, or walk home with caution, and walk right by your supply locker. You'll notice the cache increase the # of its respective supply.



I'll add more later but I hope this helps.