There is always room for another zombie game, especially one as ambitious as Undead Labs' State of Decay. In a new trailer released today, we get a good look at some of the elements that separate this shambling corpse-filled adventure from every other. 

The open world allows for players to band together and build themselves a home. That lovely domicile will even have windows, which you can jump through in case of undead invasion. The trailer also spends a generous amount of time on vehicles, showcasing the different types of automobiles (and related carnage) available to players.

The team at Undead Labs seems to have a wonderful rapport with the community, having recently answered more than thirty questions posed by fans. In addition, there is a wealth of detail about the different elements that come together in State of Decay to create a more fleshed out model of a zombie apocalypse than we've seen before. June can't drag itself here soon enough, but at least you have our PAX East 2013 preview of the title to keep you occupied.