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  • Blog Post: State of Decay: The Icing of the Zombie Games

    Hiding in a bush with a weapon that is just about to break, a horde of zombies slowly walking by and a zombie just of camera walks into the bush and exposes you, then you run. State of Decay is the first zombie survival game which has felt like you are actually trying to survive against the odds. State... More
  • Blog Post: State Of About Time

    State of Decay is a game scenario that's taken far to long to get executed. Unlike most of the people posting reviews I'm going to give this game a 9 but it really deserves about a 9.50. This game deserves more than its been given be reviewers. People are missing what it has brought to us and... More
  • Blog Post: State of Decay Haters will Play!

    Ok so Straight up no BS from a guy who been gaming for over 20 odd something years,this game is EPIC! Yes there may be a few glitches haters will cry about but didnt skyrim have alot of glitches and we all loved that didnt we? Well for $20 you cant beat this and for a XBLA game to boot so no matter what... More
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