I bought State of Decay when it was released at the beginning of Summer. I just now completed it. When it takes me 3 months and 11 days for me to complete a game, that generally indicates that it's crap. State of Decay is not crap though, it just bored me to death.

A lot of critics point to the feeling of dread, knowing a character could die at any time. This is absolutely untrue. I never once went out looking for resources to survive. One, because it sucks clearing out houses to make it manageable to actually gather resources. Zombies (zeds) respawn. They never stop coming after you. It's annoying. A closed off town with respawning zombies, and tasks that aren't fun to partake in because zombies won't stop pouring in. Two, because as long as you have members in your group, they will gather supplies for you. The only thing I had to do to keep morale high, was kill zombies and occasionally take group members to kill zombies. And that brings up another nuisance -- you're always being bugged to talk to someone in your group, aka take them somewhere to kill zombies. Bursting at the seams with creativity! I will say however, that there were 2 enemy types that had distinct battle cries. When I heard those cries, I left the area. For anyone who has played Dead Space (invincible necromorphs), you know the kind of fear I speak of.

The game all around isn't half bad. The vehicles are abundant, somewhat various and unique, and handle pretty well. Firearms are pretty much useless because melee is so overpowered, it's almost unnecessary. Plus, they aren't very easy to aim and the zombies are quick. There's plenty of activity and interaction throughout the main quest, but sometimes there's just nothing to do. Like, a certain amount of time has to pass before objectives become available. So you can choose to explore, but in all honesty, there's not incentive and it's just not very interesting. And that pretty much sums up the entirety of my experience with State of Decay. There's plenty to explore and do, but it's not really all that fun to do it.