Hiding in a bush with a weapon that is just about to break, a horde of zombies slowly walking by and a zombie just of camera walks into the bush and exposes you, then you run. State of Decay is the first zombie survival game which has felt like you are actually trying to survive against the odds.

State of Decay is a game set in a sandbox world filled farms, towns, cars, and of course many zombies. You start off as a survivor and his friend just coming back from camping to be met with a group of zombies which you happily beat their heads in with a stick before moving forward to be met with your first survivors. From here on the world is now yours to explore and do what you please.

Want to be a small band of select survivors in State of Decay? You can. Want to have a massive group of survivors holding out against the odds? You can. The choice is up to you and State of Decay rewards all play styles. Be it stealthy sneaking into houses and looting, aggressive destruction of any undead with a sledge hammer, or driving you car around town honking your horn to gets all the zombies to come outside then mow the down. The options are endless.

Once you set up your home base you can get supplies from other housings around town which involve going in killing all the zombies and searching any area that is shiny. Every building you see in State of Decay can be looted for items, fortified and set up as an outpost , further into the game if you let your population grow you can choose to move to a bigger (or smaller) home base.

Once you get enough supplies you can start upgrading you home base. Make a workshop so you can repair your weapons, build a farm so you can get a supply of food or even make an infirmary to help with hurt members of your family.

There are some things you should note. With cars, smash it up too much and it explodes you will not be seeing it again, luckily you can repair these with a workshop upgrade. The same goes when your character dies, they are dead! One mechanic I enjoyed in State of Decay was where once a survivor sees your group as a friend, you can control them. This allows your survivor you have drained for keeping up the last three days to have that much needed rest to get back to full health. Every survivor that lives in your home base also has a bit of back story and once you play enough you can feel an attachment to your favourite characters.

The story in the game is the basic zombie survival but it is still enjoyable. There are some glitches, I had a zombie casually stroll through a wall, but they can be easily overlooked for the size of a game you get for such low cost.

Developer Undead Labs has put a lot of effort into this game which is available on the Xbox live marketplace. Sadly my fellow Australians cannot enjoy this title as of yet but with State of Decay finally passing through the classification board. Fingers crossed it comes out soon!