For starters I'm not a huge zombie fan, but I love strategy as well as third person titles with vast open worlds to explore and so on. State of Decay surprised me for the freedom it gives to players, the fact that you can actually die after 8 hours or so in the game - after a painful run to upgrading your character without being killed during a simple house hunting - it's amazing (perhaps something Undead Labs took from XCOM Enemy Unknown). Yes, it's full of graphical and technical issues, but that reminded me of the PC games I used to play in the teens (I'm almost 40 now) and sometimes I replay now, where the graphics wasn't definitely the groundbreaking feature you were looking for, but the mood and the atmosphere of the game was unmatchable (Dune 2000 or adventures like Deja Vu are just two among dozens).

Maybe this sounds a little bit stretched, but playing The Last of Us and State of Decay together, you have a nice panning on how to tell and exploring our world after humanity turned inot something else, in the worst sense.