State of Decay is a game scenario that's taken far to long to get executed. Unlike most of the people posting reviews I'm going to give this game a 9 but it really deserves about a 9.50. This game deserves more than its been given be reviewers. People are missing what it has brought to us and are instead more mad about its couple flaws. These flaws are quite prevalent in the game play and I will say sometimes get in the way of enjoying the game slightly, But what has it given us? Its given people the opportunity to try and survive in a post apocalyptic environment, something that's never been properly produced. So lets talk about the game itself before I go on a rant.

You start the game being thrown right into some action, something I was not expecting so I had to pick up the controller really quick to avoid dying. After a few kills you meet up with some people and scavenge for survivors in this abandoned campground. After a lot of dead zombies and trying to go dukes of hazard on a bridge you wind up in a small town in a church. Here you will discover the fun of the game itself. Inside this church you will be able to upgrade things like a garden or a workshop. But to do this you will need to get building supplies. To get building supplies you have to go out and find it by going through buildings. So you head out into the world wanting only to build a workshop. So you think a bit and head down to the gun store assuming you will need to kill some zombies to get the proper materials. So seeing that no one is around you get out of your car crouch down and sneak up to the front door. Once you open the door using the Y button you walk inside to see a zombie standing there. So you sneak up behind him and using your trusty lead pipe quietly beat his head in. You then proceed to look around for supplies and then you see the Y pop up on the screen by the shelf signaling to you that you can search it. You then hold Y to begin searching but little do you know its going to take 10 years to search it so you hold down LT also to make it faster.......but louder. So after a bang here and a clang there you open it up and find a Glock and some rounds which you take. But then you hear a pounding at the back door and a then 20 moaning voices. So you jump up to see there at both the front and the back door they also are pounding on the two huge glass windows in the front of the store. You then regret your impatience and see stairs leading to the second floor. So you run up them and come to a balcony which over looks the parking lot........and the zombies......and your car. So seeing no other route out you jump of the balcony and land behind the zombies to see only a SWAT zombie standing about 10 feet away from you looking pretty hungry. You then waste all your stamina running to the car jumping in and then speeding away. Wanting only a workshop you stop at the mini-mart go through close to the same scenario get some building supplies and drive back to the church. And happily build your workshop only to have a survivor go missing and have no food left...........true story. Anyway the game is very fun and exciting. The UI is very clean and not crowding unlike many other games. All your work goes through a journal you carry around and here you will upgrade things, manage survivors, manage inventory, etc. Your survivors can die as my community learned the hard way. The cars are finite and Your are never completely safe anywhere. And bugs are prevalent in the game 80% while in a car but all can be fixed.

So overall Undead Labs deserves a lot of awards for their work on this master piece and I'm so happy to see this scenario on my TV so Thanks to Undead Labs and please make another. And this is a most buy for anyone interested in games about zombies or survival.....or games in general............Stop reading reviews and go out and buy it...........NOW