I was told to pick this up. I saw one video and purchased it for $20.  This game? For the price? for a 1/3 of AAA games I felt gave me a triple AAA experience. Aside from glaring graphical issues and a common occurrence of Zombies getting stuck in fences. I'm finding the game to be fantastic. I mean, its a zombie game, and you're a regular person. Its hard to come up with missions that don't involve killing zombies because they're the danger. You get a few missions that carry along a bit of drama between Survivors.

You'll constantly be running and you'll never feel like you can relax for a moment. You've got people who need saving the moment you want to run down across town to take out a Special Zombie in a Hunting mission. You'll be scavenging and you'll get a call asking for items to carry on the construction of the upgraded building you spent resources on. This keeps the tension high and keeps you busy. Though, this may be a big problem at the same time. You never get any downtime to just... well, try enjoying yourself.

The combat is one of those where its the little things that make the big difference.  (RB) is your friend in combat. Finisher moves save your stamina and you aim to knock down zombies then drain their health or hope to blow their heads. You can specialize in weapons and once you raise your fighting skill, you can get special moves which can help in circumstances.

The RPG element is nice, though sometimes you can see how useless some people are. Drunks who made it by in Civilization can do much besides be bait because they have 5 Bars in Beer Pong but haven't worked out in forever. The game added a lot of detail and I'm glad it came out.

 Upgrading your Home takes work! Its rewarding however, when you finally get enough resources to make your people feel safe and sound in the confines of the shelter you've helped upgrade. Not to mention, you are your community, not just one character. While the characters are generic, each one has their personalities and traits in statistics, I personally love my No Nonsense, Naturally Athletic, and Assertive Soldier Dakota. Play the game, it rocks.

In conclusion?

For $20 this game puts AAA games to shame.

Graphics 4/10 - Gets the job done, barely. Terrible texture pop ins and zombies get caught in fences

Story 3/5 -Weak, but not really the focus of this game. We have walking dead for that

Gameplay 8/10 (lots of little things that set this game apart)

Feeling of Despair, Tension & Frustration - 10/10 Keeping morale up, maintain supplies, and saving fellow survivors is a 24/7 job. thats why you switch characters, so you don't die of exhaustion

Zombie Horde Car-ocide - 10/10