I am going to keep this review short. The title says it all. This game is a very complicated, in depth experience especially for an arcade game. The real issues are the pop ins, frame rate drops, and textures screwing up. I can forgive all of these issues because to be completely honest, I am having so much fun that I barely notice them. I can also forgive these issues because this a game that nearly hit the 2 GB cap that Microsoft has on arcade games and there is a lot of background processes that are running while you play this. The game is constantly keeping track of your weapons and conditions, ammo, survivors and their health/moods, broken windows, location and damage of vehicles, while at the same time running background AI and maintaining an entire world. 

If you enjoy zombie games and daydream about what you would do in a zombie apocalypse then I urge you to at least try the demo. This game throws you right into the middle of your fantasy. You have to fortify a base, set up outposts, make supply runs, recruit survivors, supply your community with weapons, and make sure that your fellow survivors are somewhat happy. 

This game is definitely worth your time and at twenty dollars, its frankly a steal. If you like the game, you more than likely will barely notice the issues but instead focus on having fun and playing the game.