There are some glitches, but I have not ran into as many problems as the official review on this site.  And as for simple visual problems, well I haven't even noticed through all the fun I've been having.  Its just about everything I wanted it to be.  There are some things I think would make the game even better, like a larger variety of dialogue and maybe a little bit more control on sending people places or picking them up and having them join you in your safe care instead of walking every where.  But I know they are a new, small company, and I wasn't expecting perfection, just something fun and innovated.  That's what I got, and I have no complains about that.  I have played hours upon hours already, and I'm dying to play some more.

Hopefully they will be updating and adding to the game, especially the multiplayer which they play to add eventually.  And I'm even willing to pay for major updates.  It was only a $20 game, so two large updates would be the price of a single, traditional, triple A game, and at that point it would be as big as most out there, and three times as fun.


If only I could name all the characters after my friends like XCOM.