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gameinformers reviews going downhill, a little


gameinformers reviews going downhill, a little

...a 7.5 for starhawk, I mean come on. Have some respect for how hard lightbox interactive worked on this game, even have a positive person review of this game. I mean, this is just one dudes opinion, and it is making the game look bad. i was extremely disapointed seeing this review and can't believe how picky you guys are being with video games lately. I'm not even mad, just dissapointed...alot

Frankxthexbunny edited:

And that is how you play starhawk! thanks for reading this informative and totally not retarded GUIDE that explains how a lot of work=a good game.  Instead of deleting this guide I am going to use this to explain to anyone who reads this: we are NOT paid to review. We can give our user reviews (and be verbally abused when you review a game you clearly havent played) and we can make our guides but this is their website and this is not only disrespectful but not even done in an intelligent manner. you disagree with their review write a counter review. if you dont want to dont bother. seriously. this is bullcrap. I wish I was a mod. 

I respect the guys at gameinformer a lot. like seriously. I really want to intern for them. get off their back. 

With peace and love,

--Tye Van Horn--

Ag3nt Shadow edited:

I completely agree with the last edit.  First off, don't write a review of a review in a spot that is meant for a game guide.  Second, if you want to read a great review of this game, go look at IGN..they gave it a 9.  GI has every right to write a review based on the reviewer's own experiences and opinions about the game.  He has played it, you have not.  If the story is lacking, and even IGN said it was, then maybe that is a stronger down side for this particular reviewer then the IGN reviewer.  

Reviews are simply one person or publication's opinion, get over yourself and if you want to try a game out, or you think you will like it, then buy it.  People put too much stock into reviews.  I have loved games that got low reviews, and I have hated games that got stellar reviews.  Take them for what they are, OPINIONS.  Game Informer's staff does a great job and this website is my personal favorite..my OPINION...give them some credit.