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A Real Guide


A Real Guide

To start, if you have Starhawk good job, this game is awesome. The campaign is pretty straight forward- always prepare and build a ton of auto turrets and walls before you start a new part of a defense mission, because then the actual fight is a breeze. Always use the newest building they have given you, the levels are designed to show off the capabilities of each building/vehicle. Pretty standard fare. 

For the multiplayer, decide if your a hawk person or not. If you love hawks (the games Hawks, not real hawks), or like flying and quick attacks then focus intently on figuring out where the best Hawk weapons are placed for each map, and use them. You cannot succeed with a hawk if you do not use the right weapons in the right situations. Try to destroy tanks if possible with heavy bomb weapons, but usually you should not attack people alone because certain handheld weapons are very effective against hawks. You can attack lone people if they haven't seen you yet, you can land and stomp on them and be on your way. If the enemy has set up a ridiculous amount of Beam Turrets at close proximity then you may have to dismount your beloved hawk and try and attack the beam turrets some other way. Also, know that you cannot fly your hawk while you possess the flag- so you'll have to get out of your hawk with the flag unless you want to be killed. Finally, if you land in the midst of their base, destroy the Force Field asap. 

If you don't think your a hawk person, and you like a persistent and paced attack, as well as tanks then your probably a tank person. Tank people are unlikely to ever actually get the flag- if it gets to the point where there are not many buildings or people left at their base after your long-range assault then hop on a grizzly or something fast and steal the flag. Tank people should focus on taking out Beam Turrets.This is crucial because they prevent Hawks from getting in and causing mayhem.Sometimes, a hawk will fly at you, spinning and belching rockets. Try to stay steady and shoot it down- you have more health than Hawks and at a minimum you both will die if you do hit it. It gives you a cool achievement along with some xp, and thoroughly upsets that guy sitting in a living room far away, who just failed with his hawk. But yes, a tanks main job is to destroy buildings. Tanks are not as heavy duty as could be expected however, and beam turrets will target you if you get very close, so stay far away until they have been obliterated. Feel free to challenge a lone enemy, you will win. Try to take out any vehicles (Razorbacks, Speeders) that try to make their way from their base to yours. Try to control no mans land. Build Outposts if your in a good position. But yes, both attack and defend I would say, staying in the middle between the two bases. 

If you like running and shooting with your own character, not a tanks missile launcher or a hawks fast moving mayhem, then read this paragraph. Rule number 1: build Outposts near their base, set up camps near the enemy. 2: make sure you are prepared. gather all the weapons before charging in. 3: think on the fly, if you have just dropped right into the enemy base and are surrounded, build a auto turret or a Grizzly to take out some of them before you, yourself drop. You have two options when Building these, either try to build them on top of an enemy and crush them, or build them a short distance away so they don't get destroyed or stolen. 4: don't use a Rocket Launcher in close combat situations with other on-foot players, it is hard to hit with them, and they reload slowly. Try using the Shotgun, and rushing them if it is one enemy. If its multiple enemies, build an auto turret a good distance away from them and hide behind something to regain health. 5: Use prior knowledge. You have played shooters, shoot things! 6: Use the buildings, they are all designed for something, all of them are helpful, use them to your advantage.

If you want to be defensive, build lots of beam turrets if its a heavy loadout, build walls inside a Force Field. Build a Force field- at least one- and protect it well. Build auto turrets near the Force Field generator so that if a hawk lands to destroy it you have some defense. Block any back entrances to your flag. Do not build your maximum amount of buildings in case other people want to build outposts near the enemy flag. Be smart, obviously. Don't build something that isn't defensive right next to another one of the same kind (two tank depots in the same four feet). Build all ways to attack the enemies base in a neat little place. Players on your team that go for the opponents flag often build a speeder depot at a good distance from the main base, at a place inconvenient to anyone else but where they happened to be at the time, destroy that speeder depot, and build another facing outward from the main base. Build Force Fields around Beam turrets, or at least have some cover for the beam turrets so that the enemy tanks can destroy them from a far. don't destroy it if someone doesn't follow this rule, its still a beam turret, its still helpful. 

You can switch between these different playing styles, except that if your a hawk you should get really good at them. The hawks themselves are not overpowered, but with a skilled user they can be. I hope this helped, now go and dominate the opponent.