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  • Blog Post: A game no one should miss.

    This is a game no one would want to miss. While the campaign was short, it really served the purpose of introducing gamers into the multiplayer mode, the brunt of the game. Multiplayer is fairly simple and user-friendly. Any self-respecting gamer with a little ingenuity (and a rocket launcher) can hold... More
  • Blog Post: Servers, Anyone?

    I didn't want to do this, but... I was never really a FPS type of gamer and I hated HATED 3rd person shooters. Uncharted and Gears of War, I could never get the hang of those and my friends KNOW this. Santa Monica threw a Beta for a game called Starhawk at me and I said screw it, because it felt... More
  • Blog Post: Multiplayer Shines through in a diluted shooter market

    NOTE:My review is based off the 1.4 update Starhawk is a third person shooter game with RTS elements that define the game. As Gameinformer likes to say, every shooter has a "gimmick". Whether it be control of gravity or heavy parkour every shooter tries to do something different with the genre... More
  • Blog Post: The unconsidered Multiplayer

    This game is worth the money. Even though the campaign was sort of repetitive, it had a great, in-depth story. The cutscenes reminded me of inFamous, and the AI for both your allies and enemies are limited, but not as bad as some of the other games I've played. The multiplayer, on the other hand... More
  • Blog Post: Starhawk review

    Welcome to the new frontier. Starhawk is a third person shooter real time strategy game set in the space/future setting. Aside from running on the ground you can fly mechs(Hawks) in the sky and travel in different vehicles. Many reviews have given this game lower scores mainly because of the weak "campaign"... More
  • Blog Post: Warhawk and Starhawk

    Good war team long rank ps3 have trophies hard warhawk hard add-on favorite all. flag blue soldier clothes normal enemy red clothes metal in Warhawk different Starhawk blue soldier enemy black human africa monster. Warhawk Weapon, tank , 4X4 car, and Plane different Starhawk build set weapon speed. PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Great Beta,Bad Review...

    I strongly disagree with the review, i played in the beta and i had such a good time. If the story is the sole reason for the review then please give a better one. I am a long time gameinformer supporter but its unfortunate for some of the reviews cuz i relay on them strongly. If i play in the beta and... More
  • Blog Post: Starhawk Beta

    This Beta is awesome. PROS: I found it quite easy to learn and get used to the controls. I enjoy interacting with so many people, that get to be both friend, as well as, foe. Capture the Flag is a simple and classic concept. Hopefully everyone has played CTF before and knows the general idea. Now just... More
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