NOTE:My review is based off the 1.4 update

Starhawk is a third person shooter game with RTS elements that define the game. As Gameinformer likes to say, every shooter has a "gimmick". Whether it be control of gravity or heavy parkour every shooter tries to do something different with the genre to mixed results. Lightbox Interactive went all out on their "gimmick" to the point where it is a necessary mechanic. This is the Build and Battle system allows you to drop down structures from space including jetbikes, bunkers, mechs, and turrets. The game is very vehicle based but with a jetpack and rocket launcher a smart player can take out anything. The gunplay is well done and movement is fairly loose, most likely to give infantry a fighting chance against Hawks(transforming jet/mechs) and makes gunfights longer and the kills are much more satisfying. Next is the campaign. The campaign is quite short and serves mainly as tutorial for the multiplayer. Enemy AI and ally AI are actually quite smart, especially on hard. Enemies will climb into your bunker, destroy turrets first, and will avoid snipers. There is also Co-op but it is hard. I am a skilled player and even playing with people who have hundreds of hours into the game have trouble winning. The gem of Starhawk is multiplayer. It si the best multiplayer game of the year, hands down. Max Payne may have better  graphics, Call of Duty will sell more, Counter Strike is more hardcore, and Ghost Recon may have more weapons but there is just something special about Starhawk's multiplayer. Maybe its the Build and Battle, maybe its the transforming into a jet but its most likely the amount of itelengce it takes to master and appreciate the game. Getting a kill against another infantry soldier is hard but feels so satisfying, trying to outduel a hawk while yours is about to explode, defeating a take with grenades and a rocket launcher, dropping a wall on hawk. Thats what makes this game special.