I couldn't wait for Starhawk. Then, I almost didn't get because of the critism. When I finally bought it I thought it was a blast. Couldn't beleive of some of the stuff the critics were saying. Starhawk puts you in the middle of the battle and let you build whatever you want in this TPS.


 Graphics are good. They have comic book like cutscenes that look alot like infamous. Still enviroments look great, and characters look good to. Story is all right. They talk about gettin pay a whole lot, and it just not amazing. Plus, the score is pretty good.


 Gameplay is pretty fun. There's about 4-6 hour campaign overall. What all you can build, use, and fly in is just great. Also has a great multiplayer. Probably one of Starhawks strong suits.

 Overall, Starhawk is a pretty fun game. In my opinion, takes to much from the press, but at the same time, not perfect. Still a great game, and a good game to have if you want to try something different. That's why I would give    Starhawk a

9 out of 10