Welcome to the new frontier.

Starhawk is a third person shooter real time strategy game set in the space/future setting. Aside from running on the ground you can fly mechs(Hawks) in the sky and travel in different vehicles. Many reviews have given this game lower scores mainly because of the weak "campaign", which should have been called "tutorial". In the campaign you play as Emmett Graves, a bad ass dude tasked with defending base after base from waves of invading attackers with levels being strung together by animated cutscenes which i thought were actually pretty cool. It's basically a tutorial of sorts to prepare you for the real meat and potatoes of the game, the multiplayer. There are 4 game types for competitive multiplayer which include CTF, Zones, TDM, and DM. There is also Co-Op which i havent played yet(i continue to get "Failed to Connect" errors) One of the main aspects of this game and an innovative one at that is the Build and Battle system. You can build different things across the battlefield when you collect enough rift energy such as tanks, jetpacks, supply bunkers, mechs, buggies, bikes, and walls to fortify your base. It takes a while to grasp the concept but once you have a good idea of what to do in the game there is loads of fun to be had. With an addictive ranking system and lots and lots of unlockables character skins and paint jobs for the assortment of vehicles, there is plenty to keep you playing game after game. Light Box Interactive announced that all map packs for Starhawk will be free which is great reasons to keep coming back. If you enjoy fast paced online action or just want to try something like nothing else out there then Starhawk is the way to go.