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Just Because it isn't CoD doesn't mean its not gunna be good

This review sounds like its compared to a CoD game this game is great it just sounds like the guy who reviewed it had a tick up his but.

  • How in the world did his review sound like he was comparing it to CoD.

  • This review sounds like YOU'VE got a tick up YOUR butt*.

    *Note proper spelling.

  • I didn't get that vibe at all, how far are you stretching?  And where is your review of the game, that's the point of the dialogue box.  The reviewer literally said "I wanted to like this game".  He only compares graphics and on-foot combat to "other shooters", not Cod.  Get over yourself.

  • God, counter-reviews like this make me mad. You know that a 7.5 is actually a pretty good score, right? And that giving a game a 10 out of 10 means that it simultaneously defines its genre/style and revolutionizes your view of gaming once you've played it? He enjoyed the game, he pointed out valid flaws and gave the game a good-not-perfect score accordingly. Learn how a review works before you dilute any more decent internet content with your watering-down idiocy.