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New Starhawk Video Sets Stage For Epic Showdown

Today at Comic-Con, Sony debuted an early cutscene from Starhawk, which demonstrates LightBox Interactive's graphic novel-like approach to storytelling.

The animated intro fills players on the main mission of Starhawk's Emmett Graves. Graves is a former resident of a town named White Sands, which has been transformed into a town of despots after being cut off from civilization by a mysterious man known as the Outlaw. Graves is a Rift salvager, a mercenary hired to protect the Rift harvest from Outlaw's forces who are threatening kill anyone who stands in the way of the valuable payload.

In addition to explaining the game's premise, the video also shows how Lightbox is seamlessly transitioning between in-game visuals and the animation used for cutscenes. For more on Starhawk's story, check out this behind-the-scenes video.

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  • Oh Billy!

  • Sweet. Another promising exclusive for sony! Can't wait! Would be could if they made this Vita compatible.
  • Looks good even though dont have a playstation, :C

  • The suits remind me of the rigs in Dead Space.

  • I can not wait for this game. All ready have it preorder. Looks extremely well and if it's anything like Warhawk, addicting. The story mode will be interesting as well, adds a bit more to the game.

  • Hopefully single player doesn't prove too monotonous.

  • i wish the game was cross-console, dang Sony if they just made it cross-console think of the profits.

  • I really want this game for Xbox.

  • This voice actor... he did the Bastion stuff too huh? Sounds familiar even beyond that. Good looking intro overall though, for sure.

  • Awesome!

  • Cool video.