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SC2's classes: strengths and weaknesses

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

SC2's classes: strengths and weaknesses


Strengths: units exponentially increase in effectiveness, ridiculously powerful defenses, layered building, tons of upgrades.

Weakness: slow building, units are expensive, perdition turrets and firebats aren't in multiplayer.

A good go to race for anyone who wants insanely overpowered units. A group of battlecruisers can go just about anywhere without any real resistance. Thors can defend just about anything.  The lowly marine is sadly pathetic in small group combat, but a large group of 20 or so is a force to be reckonned with.

I really wish blizzard would have allowed perdition turrets and firebats into multiplayer as they are insanely great defense units.  I am glad they got rid of the tech reactor though, if those were in multiplayer then the terrans would be the only race anyone ever chose. i think that as potential DLC blizzard should allow upgrades purchased (legitimately, no cheaters) in campaign to carry over.



Strength: 1 probe can build dozens of buildings at once, decent unit strength and cost, photon cannons protect from air and ground unit at once, and motherships.

Weakness: all the good units take a long time to spawn, dark archons are missing, no longer capable of converting enemy units to their cause.

A great race for the defensive people out there, i personally love this race simply because you can get your defenses built in half the time it takes for the other races. the mothership is overkill, good thing you can only get one.  and blizzard....why no dark archons!?!?! and i also miss being able to convert enemy units, let's face it who didn't like converting zerg and terran workers and building the super axis of evil army. however it was a bit of overkill so i guess it's fair.



Strength: 2 words.... zerg rush... also nydus worms allow rapid deployment onto any creep, mobile (kinda) defenses, cheap units.

Weakness: all units are spawned from hive, creating buildings requires sacrifice of a drone, and building takes a long time.

The zerg are great....if you know how to use them.  zerg rushing, while annoying, is incredibly effective. Units are awesomely cheap to produce, however if someone destroys your hive then you're basically incapable of creating new units. And if they destroy all your drones too, then you basically become useless.  Hint, if an opponent destroys all your workers, you are probably dead no matter what, this is not particular to the zerg at all.  No offense the zerg are awesome, but you really have to know what you're doing in order to succeed as the zerg.  If some kind of mini kerrigan could be spawned maybe i would play as them more often.

Disclaimer: sadly, this review offers very little legitimate strategy advice (e.g. the writer's intense focus on big, late game units).  At most higher levels of play, the standard zerg build is economic, focusing on expanding to multiple bases quickly (which zerg excell at by the way) and overwhelming the opponent with sheer numbers.  I have made all the parts that I, as someone who has a decent amount of experience with the multiplayer, find suspect, blue.

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