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  • Blog Post: Best PC Game Ever!

    This was the best PC game I have ever played. Blizzard really outdid themselves for this. The story line for the game was enough to get you hooked and the graphics and gameplay were even better. I love the cinimatics they put in. This game offers so much outside from the campaign, from improving your... More
  • Blog Post: Addicting,Amazing,and Awsome.

    This game is the greatest RTS game ive ever played. I really loved every bit of the campain and am still loving multiplayer,I think that the graphics are amazing and that if you have a mid to high end system it will run very good for you.If you like RTS's get this game (unless you mind being extreemly... More
  • Blog Post: I am a Convert: Confessions of a StarCraft II N00b

    I will admit it. I am a n00b, novice, beginner, etc. at StarCraft. I never played any of the first game or subsequent expansions. So I was understandably slow to jump on board the StarCraft II wagon. However, I began to hear some very good things about it. Having been an RTS junkie since my teenage beginnings... More
  • Blog Post: Satisfied After 12 Years Of Waiting

    I was in high school when the first StarCraft was released. Then summer break hit. I played that game more that summer than any other game in my lifetime. Until now. When Blizzard launched the beta of StarCraft II, I did everything in my power to secure an invite. Eventually I did, and I have been playing... More
  • Blog Post: starcraft 2 review

    i first picked up starcraft 2 about a week and a half ago, because the game looked pretty cool and i liked real time strategy games. what i got was an experience worth much more then the 60 bucks i paid for it. I've never played a starcraft game before but the story was easy to grasp and i knew exactly... More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft 2, Yes, it really is that great.

    I’d like to open by saying that I am by no means a veteran Starcraft player. I never was too deep into the first one, and never beat the single player in that one until I purchased my collectors edition of the second game. That being said, I’ll be writing this review as a bit of a newcomer... More
  • Blog Post: RTS Gaming Reaches Its Pinnacle

    In every way imaginable, Starcraft II surpasses every other RTS on the market. From the amazing, well-balanced gameplay that made its predecessor such a universal hit 12 years earlier to the complex, powerful story presented in a way far more cinematic than the original, this game satisfies on all levels... More
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