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  • Blog Post: Addicting,Amazing,and Awsome.

    This game is the greatest RTS game ive ever played. I really loved every bit of the campain and am still loving multiplayer,I think that the graphics are amazing and that if you have a mid to high end system it will run very good for you.If you like RTS's get this game (unless you mind being extreemly... More
  • Blog Post: I am a Convert: Confessions of a StarCraft II N00b

    I will admit it. I am a n00b, novice, beginner, etc. at StarCraft. I never played any of the first game or subsequent expansions. So I was understandably slow to jump on board the StarCraft II wagon. However, I began to hear some very good things about it. Having been an RTS junkie since my teenage beginnings... More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft II Review

    A beautiful game that surprised a moderate RTS player like myself with very tight, polished gameplay and an extremely well done story. I was not an original SC player, but I still found it easy to jump into and learn the basics with well integrated tutorial-like missions along with a quick and easy dedicated... More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft 2, Yes, it really is that great.

    I’d like to open by saying that I am by no means a veteran Starcraft player. I never was too deep into the first one, and never beat the single player in that one until I purchased my collectors edition of the second game. That being said, I’ll be writing this review as a bit of a newcomer... More

    Ever since the days of Red Alert 2 (the last truly superb RTS in my opinion), I have always been willing to try the latest and greatest in the RTS to blend strategy, presentation,a nd flat out fun in one game. Sadly, through such flaws as UI, lag, graphical performance, or poor balancing, many RTS's... More
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