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  • Blog Post: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm Review

    SCII Wings of Liberty was released in 2010 and I was one on the first inline to get it! Be warned light spoilers follow for SCII, but they are big spoilers for SC1: The First campaign Wings of Liberty focuses once more of the Terran Campaign, but this time Raynor's Raiders are the group who's... More
  • Blog Post: Best PC Game Ever!

    This was the best PC game I have ever played. Blizzard really outdid themselves for this. The story line for the game was enough to get you hooked and the graphics and gameplay were even better. I love the cinimatics they put in. This game offers so much outside from the campaign, from improving your... More
  • Blog Post: WB Starcraft

    Just pure epic been waiting 10 years for this newly upgraded 3rd person strategic game, with its awsome CINEMATIC i'm loving it!! CAN'T WAIT for the expansion, this is just only the terrain (human) campiagn for the obviously the gameplay and graphic are enhanced up to the standard gaming industry... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    I grew up with my dad and brother playing Starcraft and Warcraft 24/7. As i got older, the games seemed more appealing to me. I loved Starcraft and had endless rounds of play time with my brother. This game has brought it all back for me. I play with my brother and father all the time. Everything has... More
  • Blog Post: Addicting,Amazing,and Awsome.

    This game is the greatest RTS game ive ever played. I really loved every bit of the campain and am still loving multiplayer,I think that the graphics are amazing and that if you have a mid to high end system it will run very good for you.If you like RTS's get this game (unless you mind being extreemly... More
  • Blog Post: I am a Convert: Confessions of a StarCraft II N00b

    I will admit it. I am a n00b, novice, beginner, etc. at StarCraft. I never played any of the first game or subsequent expansions. So I was understandably slow to jump on board the StarCraft II wagon. However, I began to hear some very good things about it. Having been an RTS junkie since my teenage beginnings... More
  • Blog Post: Satisfied After 12 Years Of Waiting

    I was in high school when the first StarCraft was released. Then summer break hit. I played that game more that summer than any other game in my lifetime. Until now. When Blizzard launched the beta of StarCraft II, I did everything in my power to secure an invite. Eventually I did, and I have been playing... More
  • Blog Post: Don't argue with battlecruisers

    It's hard to have anything bad to say whatsoever about SC2. I don't really do ANY competitive multiplayer, as I tend to get easily frustrated. So what could starcraft 2 have for someone like me? Answer: Everything I need. A campaign fun and addictive enough for me to play through it 3 times?... More
  • Blog Post: starcraft 2 review

    i first picked up starcraft 2 about a week and a half ago, because the game looked pretty cool and i liked real time strategy games. what i got was an experience worth much more then the 60 bucks i paid for it. I've never played a starcraft game before but the story was easy to grasp and i knew exactly... More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft II Review

    A beautiful game that surprised a moderate RTS player like myself with very tight, polished gameplay and an extremely well done story. I was not an original SC player, but I still found it easy to jump into and learn the basics with well integrated tutorial-like missions along with a quick and easy dedicated... More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft 2, Yes, it really is that great.

    I’d like to open by saying that I am by no means a veteran Starcraft player. I never was too deep into the first one, and never beat the single player in that one until I purchased my collectors edition of the second game. That being said, I’ll be writing this review as a bit of a newcomer... More
  • Blog Post: RTS Gaming Reaches Its Pinnacle

    In every way imaginable, Starcraft II surpasses every other RTS on the market. From the amazing, well-balanced gameplay that made its predecessor such a universal hit 12 years earlier to the complex, powerful story presented in a way far more cinematic than the original, this game satisfies on all levels... More
  • Blog Post: Epic!

    All I can say is this is one of the most EPIC rts! More
  • Blog Post: Starcraft 2 Masterpiece

    Wow what words could I say that could describe my time with this masterpiece of a game. If only Roger Ebert played this he would understand why games can be art this game is not only a masterpiece but it has changed my way of thinking on how a RTS is presented with its epic story, smooth controls, and... More
  • Blog Post: Singleplayer dumbed down a bit

    In my opinion, the single player campaign became much simpler, and it's kind of a bad thing. All the other reviews will fill you in on the greatness of the new units and such, but more or less, the gameplay is the same as SC1. What changed though, is that you get the victory objective at the beginning... More
  • Blog Post: Sticking with the same formula was a good idea

    Once again Blizzard has brought me back to the ol mouse and keyboard. It's just a great game. They did a good job not adding too much and really adding aspects to the campaign that is fun and engaging. The characters in the story are very likable and fun. I haven't even touched the surface of... More
  • Blog Post: Not a suprise

    I played the game and it is better than God of War 3, which got a 10, I have not found one thing about the game so far that is not completely in depth or is not 99%+ perfect. More
  • Blog Post: worth the wait indeed

    not having been a previous hardcore Starcrafter, I can say as a hardcore gamer in general, this game is amazingly awsome. I just happened to buy my first xbox 360 days before this came to my door (after 4 solid yrs of ps3 goodness) and I have to say it sits idle as I crunch out more and more SC2. If... More

    Ever since the days of Red Alert 2 (the last truly superb RTS in my opinion), I have always been willing to try the latest and greatest in the RTS to blend strategy, presentation,a nd flat out fun in one game. Sadly, through such flaws as UI, lag, graphical performance, or poor balancing, many RTS's... More
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