SCII Wings of Liberty was released in 2010 and I was one on the first inline to get it! 

Be warned light spoilers follow for SCII, but they are big spoilers for SC1:

The First campaign Wings of Liberty focuses once more of the Terran Campaign, but this time Raynor's Raiders are the group who's story we are following. He is out to get Mengst and try and get Kerrigan back.

The missions available to you can be completed in any order you see fit and will determine what gear you have and success rate based on your gameplay styal. The interface between missions is very different from the original game or any other RTS I can think of. You have a ship that you can explore, talk to the crew, listen to a jukebox with classics like Sweet Home Alabama, upgrade your forces, hire mercs, watch the news, reminisce, and a tone more!

The graphics have improved immensely in both game and cinimatic.

Glameplay is exciting and fresh as old units have been upgraded and mixed in with lots of wonderful new ones like Thor, Super Thor, Viking, MULE, and more.

Next up is the Expansion Heart of the Swarm again SPOILERS are minimum but included!:

Two years after WoL was Blizzard released the much antisipated expansion HotS where you could finally take control of the Zerg.

You now control Kerrigan and after the ending events of WoL she has her mind back. The between mission interface follows the same path as exploring Raynor's ship but in this instance you are surrounded by a bevy of Zerg freaks. Naturally given how this race operates some activities have been removed like the jukebox, news, and hiring mercs.

New units were given to all factions in the main story and multiplayer. The Terrans were granted the Hellbats and Widow Mines.

The Protos gained the Oracal, Tempest, and Mothership Core.

And the Zerg Swarm host with locust, and viper. 

Along with this the Zerg also now gained the ability to evolve units into different forms making the game replayable to see the other evolutions and how they affected gameplay.

As of yet unreleased is the upcomming Protoss Campaign called Legacy of the Void. I will update you here and elsewhere!


Full requirements:


Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7

2.6 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor

1 GB system RAM/1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7

128 MB PCIe NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT or ATI Radeon 9800 PRO video card or better

1024x768 minimum display resolution

12 GB free hard space

Broadband connection

Mac® OS X 10.5.8 or newer

Intel® Processor

NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT or ATI Radeon® X1600 or better

12 GB available HD space

2 GB Ram

DVD-ROM drive

Broadband Internet connection

1024X720 minimum display resolution


PC Recommended System Requirements:

Windows Vista/Windows 7

Dual Core 2.4GHz Processor


512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 3870 or better


MAC Recommended System Requirements:

Intel® Core 2 Duo processor

4 GB system RAM

NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT or ATI Radeon® HD 4670 or better