I was in high school when the first StarCraft was released. Then summer break hit. I played that game more that summer than any other game in my lifetime.

Until now.

When Blizzard launched the beta of StarCraft II, I did everything in my power to secure an invite. Eventually I did, and I have been playing the game nonstop ever since. (Well, non-stop minus the downtime during the beta.)

StarCraft II has already become an evening ritual for me. I get home from work, eat some dinner, and boot up the game to see if any of my friends are on and wanna play a bit. It is definitely an obsession and one that I do not think will waver any time soon.

Thank you Blizzard for this love letter to your diehard StarCraft fans!

The only thing keeping this game from getting a perfect score from me is the fact that I have no idea when I get to play the rest of the single-player campaign. The Terran missions were great, but I'm already ready for the Zerg and Protoss ones. Hurry up, Blizzard! I wanna see what happens next!!!