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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Huge Batch Of Campaign Screenshots

Curious what the second act of the StarCraft II trilogy looks like in action? Wonder no longer.

The screens in the media gallery below illustrate the two playable missions from a recent Blizzard press event. You can see the frozen winds of the Kaldir moon freezing Protoss and Zerg alike, and the battles for a cache of baneling eggs in the acid pools of Char.

Looking for more details? Read our extensive Heart of the Swarm preview, and stay tuned for detailed walkthroughs of the two missions, a breakdown of what we know about the plot, and a spotlight on Kerrigan herself.

  • Can't wait till this is out

  • Goddamnit Blizzard. C'mon 60$?!?!?! *** you Blizzard *** you and your 60$ expansions
  • If this is anything like WoL I am buying this Day 1!

  • I suck at multiplayer but I still love this game's campaign. Can't wait.
  • Itching to buy a brand new computer just to play(well to have everything at maximum setting anyway)Blizzard's games.I really hope it comes out this year,THAT or Diablo 666.


    Or money... for a new 'puter to play this with...

  • What's not to love? I didn't buy SC2 as soon as it released but for the price of an expansion pack for an entire single player experience sounds like it'll be a day one purchase for sure.
  • So many banelings...

  • EEEEEEKKK!!!! I can't wait for this game! Why can't it just come out already!?!

  • that is one hell of a sexeeh bug! Too bad I don't play StarCraft II. Maybe I will when there's Trilogy special edition heheh..
  • I'm not sold others here can be but I'm not paying $60 dollars for this. If they shaken up the gameplay and add new units, yea but if it's more story I can and will wait until the price is were it should be than. $20-30 dollars.

  • Anyone else disappointed in Blizzard for going down the greedy road and splitting the games up by each race, rather then combining them into one game like the original SC?
  • Thank you Blizard.

  • The Galaxy is protruding... endlessness...