Are you a loser? Does rolling dog turds in cement offer endless hours of entertainment? Are you so retarded that you would willingly give hard currency to other losers for the privilege of rolling around in a pile of excrement? Then Star Wars: The Old Republic is just the game for you!

This hyper rancid mountain of putrid shite is finely crafted from the ground up to offer the most inane abject waste of any idiots time since Jerry Springer first aired. After suffering through 20 levels of the most embarassingly asinine twaddle conceivable by an army of drooling retards I couldn't take it anymore. But yet there they were, the hundreds if not thousands of hopeless imbeciles running around like desperate little idiot hamsters on a wheel and I swear I could hear the sounds of EA execs giggling with glee every time one of these morons slipped another dime into their wallets.

This is obvious to anyone with a shred of sense so it doesn't even have to be said really. Star Wars: The Old Republic is designed, maintained and developed for the sole purpose of taking advantage of senseless idiots. It is a money machine that exists entirely to fool the intellectually deprived into shelling out nickles and dimes in return for sweet smelling garbage. This exotic wonderment is a complete waste of any sane man's time. And believe me I feel dumber for having been exposed to it. Curiosity is a perilous thing and it really burned me on this one. SWTOR only services morons in return for making them feel special about themselves so anyone with time to waste is lost on this f*ck-tard extravaganza. I will never get that time back.

The Pay2Win model is a joke the likes of which only EA could conceive of. The gameplay is thoughtless, senseless, sloppy and horrendously repetitive. It's the sort of simple, easy to understand click-to-continue gameplay that even the most clueless idiot couldn't balk at. And did I mention it's full of retards? Yeah. If you enjoy chatting up the intellectually bankrupt and listening to angry hate-laced chatter and fart jokes and repeated non-contextual mentioning of the word "pussy" then you'll really hit it off with these f*ckwits. If you possess the emotional stability and intellect of a five year old you're in good company. If you're not an idiot you're not indulging in this trash so why do I even bother? Not much more can be said really. If you're one of the SWOTOR regulars, then may God have mercy on your soul. And do the world a favor and keep playing. The last thing the world needs are SWTOR players running lose on the streets.