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Best MMO right now in my Eyes.

As you all know I start my Reviews with the Bad first. Why? because when you read the BAD First it won't stick to you after you leave a review on a good game. Only time I will ever do the Bad last, is because the game is bad to me. :)

Before I get into the Review, A summary of what this game is to me: Great game. Hours of Fun. Has it's tidbits but what game doesn't? This is easily the best MMO on the market.

Starting with the Bad:

1. Companion Issues: Mostly Gear and Story . The fact you can't go and find your own (Seeing most of the Companions have no real BIG Deal with your Class mission, you could easily Replace A with B). You are stuck with a set types of companions and they might not match you at all. You have no way of "Ditching them" like you could in Dragon Age (Bioware Game). If you are looking for "I'll just play with my favorites" Level up multiple characters cookie cutter way then make a character you want to be you're "Collector" or Fun one.'s kind of that bad but thanks to Legacy it makes it possible for you to be a Powertech and Still Enjoy using Blizz and Skadge (Who are also Tank Companions).

My Two biggest Gripes (And it is not THAT bad, there are multiple Work Arounds):
A) Starting Companions. Not all of them are compatible. Some classes start with a Companion That is opposite to them (Tank with Healer, Healer with Tank, Healer with DPS which can Tank anyway etc),  but some don't. Example: Imperial Agents going Sniper Archetype DPS, and you get Paired with Kaliyo who is mostly Tank. You will have a hard time leveling up planet wise and pretty much the best option is to level through PVP and Flash Points. Which I find that annoying. And you don't get the option of a different Companion untill WAY Later in your Class quest (Third Planet, Alderaan). 

Example of Good: Bounty Hunter And Mako. Example of Bad: Sith Juggernaut and Vette.

B) Companion Gear: We got some stupid things going on...
Example: Qyzen (Jedi Counselar Melee Tank companion), Torian (Bounty Hunter Melee DPS), Skadge (Bounty Hunter Melee Tank), and I also believe Republic Tanno Vik (Melee Tank). They use AIM/Endurance for Melee Tanking. The Melee Tanks in the Game are Sith Juggernat/Jedi Guardian and Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadow. They use their respective stats. There is no Aim/Endurance "Melee" Tank. ThE Bounty Hunter Powertech and Republic Trooper's Vanguard are "Ranged" so they use AIM...IT makes sense, BUT, Tanno/Qyzen/Skadge/Torian and other Melee DPS Classes use aim, when they should be using Strength. (THIS IS NOT GAMEBREAKING, IM NOT b*tching, IM POINTING OUT PROBLEMS IN GAME DESIGN---Just pointing this out). It boggles my mind why who ever did the item Development would do this. The Entire Group of Republic Troopers ALL USE AIM/ENDURANCE. From Jorgan, To Tanno Vik, To Gand (Gand is like Torian, Melee DPS).

This is got to be the worst example of Item Development. I.E. Putting Cunning on Assault Cannons = Makes No Sense. No "Cunning" character would ever think of picking up such a LOUD, And Slow Gun.

Brings me to my next Problem/Bad:

2. Item Development: this isn't Game Breaking, it's just really *** Annoying. LOL The person who did the Item Stat Generator or what have you, needs to be fired. The game breaks out into atleast 4 main stats.   Willpower (Jedi Counselar/Sith Inquisitor) Strength (Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight), Aim (Bounty Hunter/Republic Trooper) and Cunning (Smuggler/Imperial Agent). And with these stats...SOME items Don't even WORK on other character. The Republic Trooper gets something called, the Assault Cannon. It is ONLY Usuable for Republic Troopers who Roll the Commando (Healer) Tree. (Vanguard being Tank, commando being Healer). I've found more Assault Cannons in random drops with Cunning/Endurance then any other Gun. The Fact this is even availible, Is beyond Reason. Sniper-Rifles with Aim on them: Another issue. Only Imperial Agent Class can Use Sniper-Rifles, they are CUNNING And Endurance Base stat. So why they would put Aim on a Sniper-Rifle and Cunning on an Assault Cannon is beyond me. I've seen Lightsabers with Aim, I've seen Double Light-sabers with Strength.  Double Light Sabers can only be used by Sith Assassins and Jedi Shadows. <---Those are willpower only.

The fact these items even exist is complete Lazyness on the Developer/Programmer's side. This should be rectified DAY one. Worthless Rare items dropping helps nobody. I could understand Common Items and the possible Green, but if every Assault Cannon I pick up on my Republic Trooper commando Toon, is Cunning and helps me not one not only piss me off because I could have used the Maximum Damage, but Makes me feel like you guys have it out for me. LOL

3. Raid/Dungeon/PVP Finder-Broken. If you are DPS Spec, but have a healing class arch-type, they will still try and queue you heals even if you click off the button. Grouping with others or Guild mates is tough because if they are already doing something and they just need some one to jump in and help because some one had to leave...good luck. Won't work. PVP Groupings is kind of crazy, You have up to 8 people on 1 team, you can only queue 4. so if I want to do a guild group/pre-made, I cannot. The Pre-made option should be there because we are like-minded people and coordinated. PUGS are not fair because there is no way to "Group" people based on skill. I don't want to be in a week long agonizing failure of a server where I can't even get the weekly done because every time I hit "Queue Solo" or "Queue Group" and only 4 of us are communicating, we lose because of people who join and don't even research how to play.

4. Story Issues: A lot of choices, kind of Like Mass Effect happen. SPOILER-As a Mercenary if you bad mouth a Sith, he will force choke you, and you move on with the story like nothing happened...Cmon Son, if some one Sith, Jedi, Wookie, Jawa, The Emperor himself, Force Choked me? IM *** YOU UP. ON THE SPOT. When you get to this point; You've killed/captured Sith, Jedi, ARMIES of Droids, Beaten down Boss fights that would make you're story npc a Chump on all fronts...For the Sake of story they do some bad writing and it pisses me off because yea, it's a small issue, but it still URKS you when... "I just killed 2000 different types of creatures, beings, THINGS, that would probably beat you down with 2 hits...And you just force choked me?"<----At that point I would have pulled my flame thrower out, and toasted this guy, where he stood. I hate small things like this (ITS NOT GROUND BREAKING). You will be questioning this often on multiple playthroughs.

5. Bugs/Issues: Getting stuck on small spots, like inbetween a rock and a might be in forever flailing arm mode and can't move. typing /stuck works...but sometimes exploring just for the sake of exploring the region becomes a hassle because well, you can get stuck on things like this. I guess you could say this is a rendering issue?

6. Moderators/Admins: -smh- I got reported for bad language or bad conversation...and they have ignore options. It makes me think of not talking in General chat at all because well...they don't inforce to other players to use the ignore feature. Seriously, It's what it is there for. This game is Adults only, 18+ start acting like it.

7. The Smallest issue I have: Gameplay styles are not shared on both sides/both factions. I.E: Smugglers get Shotguns, Imperial Agents get Sniper Rifles, Republic Commando gets Assault Cannons, Double-Bladed Lightsabers go to Assassins/Shadows only. They should have let us picked our Weapon Style, and our Powers. They could have shared it in some form or manner but they didn't. The other issue is: I see MULTIPLE NPC's using these weapons and they are strictly silly for not letting players: Imperial Commando NPC's or Guards using the Assault Cannon but no Imperial Commando Player Class. They could have given Smuggler and Agents on both sides. Really? Republic has no snipers? but we have gun-ho mini-gun users?!? Lazyness in my eyes.

-------------And now for the good------------

1. Story-Very awesome. Very fun. Lots of Quotes you could gain from this. Very open. Class Quest, Planet Quests, Flashpoint/Dungeon Quests, Even the Side quests are great. Love Belsavis and Nar Shaddaa. Also Coruscant on the Republic Side.

2. Customization of character; From Gear to Character it's good. My only issue; Customization of Companions. I know, not every companion should be swapped around/they have pallette swaps premade, but Gear...If I can hide my helmet, let me hide my companions helmet. lol Half the time I hand my Companion my old helmet for stats. (Specially on Republic Trooper because everyone is Heavy Armored/Aim Endurance lol).

3. Republic Commando hands down, is my favorite of all time in any MMO. An MMO Class with a Mini-Gun, WHO heals?!? YES PLEASE. Best Class Ever made in any MMO I've played. The Story for them is decent for a Military Based Character. Hardly Over powered. Some reason,, I can get lost on this guy for hours on end. I feel like a Boss when Healing people in PVP and then kicking ass as well because...well.. I have a minigun. LOL Put on some good Metal Music and you will be engulfed in destroying the enemy. FOR THE REPUBLIC! (BTW I play mostly Imperial side xD but this is my main class I love to death...too bad Assault Cannon doesn't come to Imp Side. :( ).

4. Companion makes it fun for solo adventure, and also Dungeon/Flash Points when you get to a higher level. Having each class get multiple characters, multiple classes on companions (Healer, Tank, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS) makes for better adventure that you can customize to your liking. So if you roll Powertech, Mako heals you well, IF you Roll Mercenary Blizz and Skadge Tank for you. It's good practice for Flash Points and Dungeons later. it helps you learn your class style.

5. Collector A-Plenty: like collecting mounts? Pets? vanity items? They have those, and lots of them. Most of it is Lots of Credits or Raising your Light/Social Levels to max. And that means grinding for fun, Dropping Proffessions and running with different styles if you cannot buy it (Biochem has Pet, Cybertech has Mounts and Spaceship Upgrades).

6. Space Missions: Old School Galaga/N64 style Spaceship Flying gone to the Extreme. I love this minigame.

7. No Addon's; Love this. I hated other MMO's who had people downloading DPS meters "like really?" This also lets you Customize your HUD/Task Bars how you like. Very easy to manage, and very easy to pimp out to you're liking. It might not change colours or Change Effects, but it is very pleasing.


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