I have played the beta, and now, thank heaven's, I am enjoying the early access.  the differences are minor but that, to me, is perfect.  I enjoyed every classthat I played (although my highest only got to lvl 20 in beta) but all of them were compelling and fun.  Many have already lauded over the full Voice acting, and yes it is sometimes a little strange (looking at some of the more...exotic....races), when there is a pause in dialogue so we can read whatever the subs are translating for us.  To be honest I am glad that not everyone is just in a common tounge, I feel that it would have lessend the SW experience.  the companians are varied and I am absolutely in love with the way tradeskills were handeld with them.  I enjoyed playing the different classes just to meet their respective companian options.

The leveling was fluid, it seems that they learned alot from other MMO's in this respect and decided to make the grind feel integrated into the actual story elements and quest groups.  the lay out of which (questst i mean) are very much in the form of go here grab all of them go to quest objectives while picking up one or more on the way, complete and head to next hub..repeat.  Not a bad aproach to be fair, it's better then scouring for those random npc in no-wheres land for one random quest that may or may not lead to something better at a later time.  the sound and visual representation is pure star wars. from the moment you create your toon, this is apparent in the intro for your character that comes off as another episode in its large universe (even loading screens after logging back in will recap your adventure to a point).  The actual art style of the game may turn some off, but to be fair, if you already love SW or better yet KotOR, those will or at least should not impede your decision about this game, trust me, its all there.

Now for a gripe, and its only a semi pain in my rear at this time....and only one to be honest.  invisible walls....not in a phantasy star vein. no, an actual invisible wall that i will sometimes run into...literally out of no-where.  it may cross a hallway that I'm suposed to go down to meet my quest npc, or out in the wild.  it will cross random paths for absolutely no reason, usually some jumping and moving either up or down it's length will aliviate the issue.  And after clearing said transparent obstacle, it will cease to exist lol. se lavie.

Long story short, I am in love...for the time being anyway...will this love prove to be fleeting? i hope not, but only time and many levels will tell ;)