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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Digital Expansion Announced

A free-to-play expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced today by BioWare and LucasArts. Galactic Strongholds arrives this summer; allowing players to obtain and customize personal strongholds.

Galactic Strongholds lets players own and decorate multiple apartments. Apart from just an aesthetic standpoint, the decorations will be used to boost prestige score on a ranked Stronghold directory. Also included in the expansion is the ability for guilds to launch guild flagships where members can socialize or plan ahead.

To commemorate the announcement, subscribers of The Old Republic will be receiving various in-game bonuses based on date of subscription.

  • Subscribers as of April 2nd receive: 500 bonus cartel coins.
  • Subscribers as of May 4th receive: 1,000 bonus cartel coins.
  • Subscribers as of May 11th receive: Early access to Galactic Strongholds on June 24, a Nar Shaddaa stronghold with three additional rooms unlocked (valued at 1,500,000 credits), the stronghold label Galactic Stronghold, and the character title The Illustrious.
  • Subscribers beginning June 24th will receive: Early access to Galactic Strongholds on June 24, Nar Shaddaa stronghold (valued: 250,000 credits), the Galactic Stronghold label, and the character title The Illustrious.
  • Preferred Status Players beginning July 29 will receive: Early access on July 29, the Galactic Stronghold label, and character title The Illustrious.

Players can get the preferred status by purchasing anything from The Old Republic’s online store. Former subscribers automatically have preferred status.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Strongholds expansion will be available to the public in August.

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  • So their starting to slowly make it like Star wars galaxies, still not enough to bring me back to it sadly.
  • I usually switch between MMOs. I am playing TOR right now, but I'm gonna head back to FF: XIV when the new patch rolls out.
  • This is the epitome of negligence when it comes to MMO's
  • Skyrim, STO, and now Star with games going Sims lately???
  • While I enjoy player housing in games, this is both not enough to draw me in and probably came late. It should have been available at launch or soon after.

  • My main mmo for the past few months has been GW2, but I really want to get back into TOR. I left a month or two before it went F2P, so hopefully there's more content since I've been gone so long.
  • Why not call it a house.. cause thats what it is lol
  • eah and let me guess.....for all that new customization I have to buy MORE Cartel coins to get MORE random crap. and then just to get the customization I WANT I HAVE to buy MORE and MORE. thanks.....PASS
  • I'm glad that they're finally seeing to this. Well before this game was even released, fans were yelling for this happen. If they continue in this direction which allows more players to have what they've been asking for I may fall back into it. I don't know if I'll check this out this summer or not, however I'm excited for those currently playing. Keep up the good work, Bioware.

  • The e-mail I got said early access for subscribers is June 10th, not June 24th...

  • I like it and I still play SWTOR.

  • I like it and I still play SWTOR.

  • I'm much more excited for the upcoming Flashpoints, but I'm still looking forward to this!