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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic Starfighter Expansion Coming To The Old Republic

Boost your starship's blast shields; it's time to engage in 12 vs. 12 space battles.

For the first time in The Old Republic, players can take their starships into PvP zones and test their dogfighting skills in this free digital expansion. This content drop also includes new starfighters, customization options, multiple battlezones, and a handful of game modes.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below: 

TOR subscribers will receive early access to Galactic Starfighter on December 3, along with exclusive paint jobs, two pilot suits, and two titles ("test pilot" and "first galactic starfighter"). Peferred status players can wade into the fray on January 14 with a few perks of their own.

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  • Cool.

  • Too little to late.... this was a good game but in hindsight I only really liked the storylines (which were very well done) and PvP. Everything else was very bland, and a carbon copy of WoW in a Star Wars skin.

    With that said i will reiterate for those that have forgotten I said this already, i loved the voice acted dialogue, and story content, side content was neither plentiful or interesting enough, and very bland gameplay.

    But, if you are still entertained by SWTOR by all means enjoy this add-on, I would have it it came out a year ago
  • Hmmm, might have to bust out the old free to play account.

  • I've been playing SWTOR for a while and it's good to see them finally adding free flight space. Everybody on the SWTOR forums also would also like to see PvE free flight space too, like me, but hey, this is a step in the right direction hopefully.

  • Pretty cool. I was hoping for greater control of our current ships, like sitting at the helm and piloting it anywhere within a star system, but I think I'm just reminiscing about the greatness that SWG's PoB ships were.

  • Mehh!!

  • How many people even play this game anymore? Also nice to see how much they neuter the main game if you aren't a subscriber.
  • Okay, I can't wait, been looking for a space game to play, and good thing I jsut got into The Old Republic again!!!

  • Might have to give this a shot now.

    No matter what, no matter how unhealthy space fighter games may be as a genre, Star Wars always makes it exciting. Screw EVE: Valkyrie, Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen; show me some Star Wars ships, let me hear that great music and those classic laser sound FX, and I want to play THAT game! That canned "Star Wars: Version Two" project LucasArts was developing for Wii U seems extra painful now - not to mention, I bet Nintendo had a new Rogue Leader-type game to help move that system off of store shelves.

    We really need a new Star Wars fighter game. Here's hoping at least the flight components of games like TOR here - or in DICE's upcoming Battlefront reboot - are going to provide enough thrills in the meantime while Disney gets their stuff together and EA's deal runs out. Or EA decides to contract a studio to do a new Rogue Squadron - that IP has brand power, y'know? Release a new one, and it'll sell. That's all I'm saying.

  • We begged for this all through the beta and they kept saying they had a better idea with their arcade-y on-rails shmup.. thing. I guess they finally realized they were wrong eh? Too bad I gave up on SWTOR when they went free-to-play, you're not getting me to pay $10 for an extra hotbar, jerk-bags! Space combat was the one thing I always loved about Star Wars Galaxies, and one of the greatest sins Lucasarts is responsible for is not continuing the Tie-Fighter/ XvT games. Hopefully this is the rumblings of a rectification to that particular problem.
  • That looks terrible, I've flown all star wars starfighters and I can see already so many flaws in the combat just now. Hell I rather just wait for the swgemu light speed expansion.

  • even jump to lightspeed was still better than this crap. RIP star wars galaxies, this game is just terrible. I must say it again and again.. star wars galaxies was way better. I'll stick with Eve Online atleast pvp is all over the place and constant instead of a few pawnzee pvp zones and most importantly we can fly CAPITOL SHIPS! Carriers, Dreadnaughts, Titans! oh my.. Carriers , Dreadnaughts, Titans, oh my! Carriers, Dreadnaughts, Titans Oh MY! TOR you're a reject just sayin.
  • Oh, this site has an article on this. Can't wait for it to come out, maybe we'll get space PvE in the future.

  • FINALLY! Finally finally finally finally! JEEZE it took them long enough.

  • Just hope they don't screw it up.